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Nailed it

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22 points

How fast a dog grows in 3 months...

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18 points

Cate approved

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76 points


Preview 3c2a669e 5761 48df 9549 0cf67da9fcae
23 points

The Corgi seed is strong

Preview 61511060 afb8 43af 83bd 0cb15c035351
23 points

My dog can’t process playtime

Preview 0c5584cc fc9d 4695 af20 61e404f0867b

Brothers for Life!

Preview 2a6118ad 545a 4fb2 bc24 bc4ba6564f58
16 points

Its a heckin tripod squad!

Preview 12bd95db f366 44c1 a5b8 444ab5b50211
78 points

My best friend’s dog got into a chalk bucket and came out looking like David Bowie.

Preview 35ba61bb f63d 44a9 9412 01b38cf3a173
85 points

The dog knows what he did, and he's proud of himself

Preview dfd929db e278 4221 b45d 6f592de1e78a

"Oh.. I guess I dont have enough money.."

Preview b104c681 1c66 41ff ad70 e681d24d54ea
65 points

Stealth 100

Preview 40a36098 636c 4160 a13a 4a839233470b
20 points

Adolf Kitler & Meowseph stalin

Preview c638952c 421c 46c7 ab72 26f7b514ec7f
14 points

Share with the other dog? Where?

Preview 46591127 6cd0 4b6c beec 88d05005cf12

Meat lover

Preview 5c41ec12 550e 4347 a791 c1dbb74b25cf
21 points

Mine too

Preview bce1d0b3 19bc 484f b0de 7905ceca15af
15 points

If this isn't already an album cover, it needs to be

Preview 36be09e9 9e9e 4c40 ba91 1caba102087d
18 points

The Dark Pup Rises....!!!!

Preview 9fac261f c3f9 4ee8 9603 43694171b21c
94 points

Bige pup

Preview 4c3cd627 2c22 4c4b 9bca 173d26523bfd
21 points

This cat remind me of Harvey Dent from Batman

Preview 6180e297 04f7 498b 9e4b ae7f736bf9db
18 points

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