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He never let's me finish anything.

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Kebab is life

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My 7 yo nephew got this puzzle for his birthday

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24 points

Why Hooman?

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51 points

Minecraft irl

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71 points

Satellite image shows Texas before and after Hurricane Harvey

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20 points

This maze has only one solution and it's at the very beginning

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1 points

Hilarious party prank!! 😂 Anyone tried this before?

13 points

My friend's dog ate through 48 rolls of Charmin Ultra today.

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4 points

A hero walks among us

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2 points

What did I just read

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3 points

Horrible bicycle crash involving a nerd

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3 points

Have a nice day

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105 points

What the f**k am I reading

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5 points

Damn, Donovan!

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83 points

When the teacher hates you

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12 points

If You Want To Challenge Yourself, Try This Aztek Jigsaw Puzzle

239 points

4 Revolutionary Riddles, Can You Solve Them?

396 points

The 10th Shinteki Decathlon Puzzle Is Simply Amazing!

237 points

Can You Solve This? The Famously Difficult Green-Eyed Logic Puzzle

210 points

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