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It snowed today in South Carolina. My Papa made a snowman!

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47 points


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54 points

You thought dissentary was bad...

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79 points

When you find a message in a bottle.

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78 points

The rise of the machines

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70 points

Cousin Eddie to the rescue!

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15 points

He doesn’t even care...

Preview a5fc9782 feff 4268 9844 7083b5d02501

When your son leaves a present for Santa and inadvertently apologizes for humanity

Preview 31b01a01 fd05 4ae2 8064 7e4782d8bb20
65 points

If you can read this thank a teacher

Preview 11b5b012 65cc 464f 99d1 4e93a3c6878a
57 points

He really doesn’t want me to do my homework!!

Preview d403a39d f101 4e36 8da3 e3d3be8d5f5e

Our game of "Catopoloy" took an all too real turn

Preview 16b8a028 72d5 410a be2d 1ffc76963cf0

The moment before disaster

Preview 50c5c7a2 94d8 4fb8 bd03 86628d8b6766

Oh murica

Preview 0708abcb 54f1 4dff bf22 9350a7d09259

He never let's me finish anything.

Preview 185b7d12 b423 4cd9 8ac7 d16c04a7d7f4

Kebab is life

Preview c77c633e 20f3 4d24 91bf dba5cb35873b

My 7 yo nephew got this puzzle for his birthday

Preview 68672943 d3b0 480b bf68 ad26b136c88a
60 points

Why Hooman?

Preview 8789906a 9d71 4b4c 9030 17fbfa326627
55 points

Minecraft irl

Preview 5075191b e1d1 44ef 98d4 b51804b13f88
75 points

Satellite image shows Texas before and after Hurricane Harvey

Preview ac5d1d7e c840 4e83 9825 ed4687a5bb22
91 points

This maze has only one solution and it's at the very beginning

Preview 5c853af3 f5bc 4bc8 a00a 6fb4c8755388
3 points

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