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I would Keep that bunny as a pet

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Pocket Bunny

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Snow howler and subwoofer doin a lil snooze

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Meet max

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"Oh great Rabbit God, please send me more carrots"

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Police cutbacks are getting ridiculous

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Update on the bunny I found.

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90% evil, 10% cuteness

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This is the only officer I trust

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funny as hell and I don't say that lightly


This prey might call this Bald Eagle a jerk!


Laziness is The Key!

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I uhh... I think I'll just knock.

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Yesterday, at my place

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I Think My Rabbit Is Running A Side Business..


This makes me laugh every time I read it

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F**king furries

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Chinchilla with thick coat of fur

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WATCH: Visiting Japan's Rabbit Island

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