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Christopher Stricklin ejecting from an F-16 seconds before it crashed in Sept 2003. He was not seriously injured

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Why do you have to such a

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42 points

How to spot a 90's kid!

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20 points

No trailer, no problem

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18 points

Breath analysis in Nepal

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56 points

Pug driving a VW bus in google streetview

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68 points

Just another day in Vancouver

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14 points


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15 points

Playing hockey 💦💦

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Trump in my car's back up camera!

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24 points


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Someone tried to use a truck like a skateboard and rail slide the median on the highway.

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22 points

Car hauler scooped up a big rock making a U-turn and dragged it down a busy street.

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73 points

Hot Wheels Intensifies.

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21 points

Seems safe

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20 points

Needs to be reiterated every generation. Not everyone puts in equal effort, risk, dedication, time, etc. so not every gets equal results.

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40 points

C A R B O Y E makes a heckin good vroom.

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24 points

Keep your head on a swivel at a Bills tailgate.

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Got a deer

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16 points

I see you, Vlad the Impala

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38 points

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