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Don't you hate it when people bump into you in a parking lot?

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20 points

Tuning love

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109 points


Preview fb597a9f eb9f 44bf 8602 d56484288206
84 points

Goddammit Steve

Preview 8eae8c28 bbdf 4005 98cf a5b3519a85f6
111 points

Master gave Dobby a sock

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64 points

Something horrible or wonderful has happened to my dogs.

Preview 3976ddaa 0ede 4e78 8af9 9973a0075bc6
23 points

My cat was sleeping in the dog's spot, so he passive-aggressively sat on her.

Preview d8b44e95 dd54 4fac 8b74 c5d12deba1e3

Found out who the local drug dealer is...

Preview 5185705f 7f1e 4452 85ee 68b796951d0a
76 points

Pasta or corn?

Preview e6ba4a57 6458 491a 9f44 498a3388c2f6
79 points

I have been in Florida for 10 minutes

Preview 1d7663ba 4be0 48d9 b8c9 352c5ca0cd3a
81 points

When you've leveled-up from stationeries and stuffed toys.

Preview e81338c4 27ce 44ff be1f 40ad71049c61
71 points

He will find you!

Preview 5b8caa6e e4b1 4acc b218 5df44c13a300
61 points

Grey hound likes to stretch his legs

Preview 56ffeb3a c89a 4159 aa17 0791d7e09714

Deer find their way into a home to escape a storm

Preview bb8a2ba5 2dd5 4a58 a26a c3a7a773c26f
18 points

Oh deer...

Preview a37d041f 5a26 4562 8efe 1721e4955924
18 points

When you get your first car but you're still in middle school

Preview b5836c04 bcbc 4109 9571 f4ffc3888e81
94 points

Adopted a doggo today

Preview 7fe4eef7 bf83 4257 aa93 d52e0b31a11c
19 points


Preview e85f0487 70a4 4c7e 8cfe 9c6ac5ad84ab
22 points

Then I think WTF!

Preview 3bbf10bf f493 4eb1 add2 485fee5d669b
21 points

Interviewer:Why don't you tell me about yourself?

Preview 6ec539a3 36f7 4120 9d00 08cb01fc07cd
122 points

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