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Interviewer:Why don't you tell me about yourself?

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15 points

Dutch police arrived after some residents noticed men with "weird masks" in a parking garage. Turned out it was Daft Punk doing a photoshoot.

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17 points

Spotted a blueish chrome GTR.

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20 points

And everyone says the classic taxi is dead...

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118 points

I too spotted a limorari recently.

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23 points

Any GTR lovers here?

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5 points

1957 Ferrari 250 Testarossa - speed and style

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21 points

That happens in real life too

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Reminds me of that divorce selfie.

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4 points

Anyone else with me?

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Saw this in the car park today...

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7 points

The real civil war

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3 points

I'm so satisfyed

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Fixed it

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6 points

I am a simple man

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8 points

Ok whats wrong here?

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13 points

When your bike says too much and you just have to capoeira the shit out of it

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124 points

My local police department posted this to their Facebook

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10 points

When your face hits the pavement

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