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Proper Urinal Etiquette ...assuming the door is on the right.

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119 points

I organized my medicine cabinet today. Help me:

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90 points

Top two posts on my front page

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105 points

The pesky civil servants. Found on a payphone

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94 points

When your dishwasher is mad at you

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90 points

if you're young, this might go over your head

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88 points

Double Height Living /Dining Room with Fireplace

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21 points

My wife casually mentioned that she forgot to take birth control this weekend... then we woke up to this on our microwave this morning

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86 points

Radio Show call in troll

50 points

Rate my setup

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108 points

Just some East Coast bro walking to work.

107 points

Cell phone tower climbing.


Free NFL Tickets at Metlife Stadium - Radio Prank Call

87 points

I saved €2000 for a surprise holiday with my gf but she broke up with me couple days ago and got this "break-up kit" instead

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110 points

Katy Perry Puts A Super Fan Through A Lie Detector Gets Unexpected Answers!

420 points

Mesmerizing Music Video Captures What It's Like To Stay Indoors For Too Long

483 points

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