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Houston East of 45 off of Rayford and Sawdust...If anyone is near by and has a boat. Could you please let me know.

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Inside Irma's Eye

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SO's mom tried taking a picture of two rainbows from her balcony, and got an extra dose of badassedness!

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A beautiful night sky in Finland

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7 points

And the Asshole of the Year Award goes to...

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21 points

My dad took a pic during the eclipse today.

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I was lucky enough to photograph this weird sunset on my phone the other day. The last of the days light trapped inside a rainbow.

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19 points

This doggo

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The Black Church of Budir - One of my best photos

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21 points

My mom took this picture with her eyes closed because she got scared by the lightning.

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Lightning striking an airplane passing through a rainbow

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Aloe Vera

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Just admit it

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Saw a similar storm cloud just outside of St. Petersburg Russia

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11 points

They seem to be getting stronger and stronger every day

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Taxi Driver Prank Call


Lightning striking a rainbow.

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My duck lost his friend yesterday, now he sits in front of a window all day long because his reflection is his only friend

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Stevie Ray Vaughn statue appears to be walking on water in Texas Flood.

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Shaky Shake

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