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1,000 foot water spout threatens yacht near Bungan Beach, Australia

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“Dead Man Walking” - Probably The Scariest Photo of a Tornado that Exists

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5 points

The mayfly hatch in central Wisconsin

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83 points

Beautiful storm

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10 points

Kid splashing water and creating a thin film of water on his face

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Julie Andrews Reveals How They Pulled Off That Iconic Sound Of Music Scene Is Extremely Hard!


Lightning vortex

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My parents successfully evicted a hoarder from their stone cottage recently.

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Saw this in Amsterdam airport...trolley wheels...f# that

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4 points

Lightning hitting the stage of the german music festival "Rock am Ring" two years ago.

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186 points

Because, f**k this city!

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99 points

What insects look like after the rain

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180 points

This dog hates the rain, so their owner made this.

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284 points

When Mother Nature drinks 3 red bulls

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80 points

Iconic California Tunnel Tree Toppled During Powerful Storm

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174 points

Because Hominism!

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204 points

Got pussy on my mind...

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212 points

And the A-hole of the year parking award goes to......

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110 points

Ninja stole my bike!

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131 points

Rainbow deflecting a lightning bolt

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