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Inspirational Quotes at a Student Fair in Cambodia. One Doesn't Quite Belong.

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This guy doesnt like pulp

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It says, "We're paying twenty grand to the guy who can kill that local cop with a moustache"

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How high are you? Me:

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Only intellectually dishonest people deny man-made climate change. Not cool.

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Greetings at the airport

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Happy reunification day.

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I'm cool with it

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Guy tries to hold "white heritage" rally in Bloomington, Indiana. Turnout was far from what he expected

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At least his sign rhymes

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My mom made this sign for her yard sale

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How high are you? Me:

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Safety first guys!

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Scientifically accurate.

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Mexico sep 19 2017 earthquake

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Pepsi will always bring us together.

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Or not. Whatever you think is best.

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Friend: How high are you? Me:

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Meanwhile in South Africa

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They are trying to communicate

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