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Interesting choice of reading material.

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"I came to take your job..."

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Vladimir and Chekhov prepare for adulthood

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Oh the irony

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It rhymes, so it must be true.

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Roses are red...

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The more I go on the internet, the more I lose faith in humanity

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She gets it.

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Fight capitalism with your iPhone like

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Only in romania-new law says that people who got caught in corruption with bigger value than 200.000 euros are geting out of prison

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Old video, but sphincter-tightening none the less


One of the best signs I've come across

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It s gonna be a hell of fun to integrate this "enrichment" ...and the try will cost us just a few dozen billions

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Let's not forget about this legend. I salute to you brother for surviving this with a smile !

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This guy

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Stop it...

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The perfect place for a proposal...

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Prison Break messed up on the death date.

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