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An eagle and 2 aircrafts

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Hawk gives no fucks 🔥

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Repost from NatureIsFuckingLit

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Gray owl about to catch dinner

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Gray owl about to catch a mouse

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David Blaine after a trick

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71 points

Eagle Catching A Drone

Preview 42771219 a8b4 44c5 9931 edb6b1b2a79b

Eagles can fly faster than previously thought...

Preview e200b180 5e53 4f66 906f f5aefbd36888

Mouse's last moment

Preview 61b90786 17cf 418a a03e e7903d3d59aa

Human hawk

Preview 8c732e07 84e8 4ae3 adc8 a8a7bcfcb929
19 points

When I switch from regular jeans into high waist ones.

Preview 3cc7aac6 9620 4d16 8caa 5810f41b4553
62 points

Come at me bro

Preview fa44d465 fe55 4769 8e6b c0c075fe6cc7
56 points

Ooh I'm invisible!

Preview b9c7c93b 14ae 449b 970d 341c312716a5
48 points

Bird lady

Preview 31a82f46 1cc7 4ecc 8adc 6da8fe2991f9

Le fish: "get me baaack where you gooot mee"

Preview 69f90754 764e 431d a5f3 d78f9f6fc2ab
36 points

Caution: To Avoid Melting, Do Not Place Owl in Direct Sunlight

Preview 61f37c6d 02b7 47f8 9f54 d394fac2625c
45 points

If you are having a bad day, say hello to the owl of hearts

Preview 1e07d1ca 0100 4a2a 978e 10ef1c7bc015
48 points

My life is a lie.

Preview 1072c511 8c56 4ba5 b44b bab5f3fcf23d
49 points

This hawk didn't fly away at all when I walked up to it.

Preview fcb78ded bc3d 4f3f a25a 006ef94f02e0
82 points

This hawk didn't fly away at all when I walked up to it.

Preview 163cac3c 45eb 4a1e ab50 3eb6de84194c
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