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I too was bitten by a squirrel friend just yesterday.

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102 points

Sammy and Boxer like Snuggling

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Sneaky snek forces man to dropkick his friend


"You asked I delivered, here's one of my rat pencil cases... in use"

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82 points

Uhmm, wtf?

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90 points

I vant to play vith vooooooo

Preview 82da96d7 6d51 46cf a5c9 d93de9ca5fc2
103 points

Too soon. Smh

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43 points

Count Cattula has come to drink your milk.

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92 points

Describe your post...

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54 points

Another Victim from my lovely Cat...

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120 points

Never mess with this rat

Preview 8c527139 9a2d 4ba6 9130 4e0a8ea43b0b
54 points

Hmmmm... fine... I'll hold hands with u...

Preview d68e3f1d bba2 4a5b bfb6 882cd3f905e6
52 points

Read the underlined not this

Preview 0b54d94a 0f0b 4536 8f08 677e4a0bdc20
43 points

Japanese device for washing cats...

Preview 1fc86818 16d9 4c06 bd1b 090708140f19
67 points

Splinter is that you??

Preview f9da106b d637 4a58 b37a b2e463055a2e
54 points

thanksgiving dinner

Preview b748cf26 0d02 4692 b54b bb4dbe6fa3ff


Preview 6347bae9 0f09 4398 86c3 e1a67cfabb77
110 points

Pointy doggo

Preview 596e9fb5 7d7a 4ea7 8856 b03a27fa1d4e
49 points

Rat Prank on little sister goes wrong!!

61 points

what's in your hand challenge, with a twist ;)

13 points

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