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Hmmmm... fine... I'll hold hands with u...

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Read the underlined not this

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Japanese device for washing cats...

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Splinter is that you??

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Pointy doggo

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Rat Prank on little sister goes wrong!!


what's in your hand challenge, with a twist ;)


Found this little guy today

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Scary Rat Prank on Girlfriend


My rat has an adorable way of sleeping.

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Photographer Diane Özdamar spent years photographing rats to break the negative image of them by taking cute magical pics

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Thug Life Rat


Who doesn't love hamsters? :)

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When the lab rat ain't havin' your shit

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19 Facts about the legendary Sir David Attenborough on his 91st birthday

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Asshole Rat screws with science

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For all your favorite kinf of hamsters

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My friend made weed oil at my house the other night, spilled it and left it. This possum decided to lick it off the patio, and ended up passed out in the backyard for over 12 hours.

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