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Fiona has 9 Rottie babies

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Kendall Jenner

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Don't tell mom I slept on the bed!!

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My gf was sick. This guy is "helping."

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helga lovekaty

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US Military found 66 of 68 residents of a town in Nevada were dead of an unknown virus, only two survivors: a man and a 6 month old baby.

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Don't kill yourselves just yet, wait until this date

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They play together, they sleep together. Werter always looks after her.

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My grandad kept his promise to meet his great granddaughter

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And the biggest yawn award goes to...

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She wasn't expecting a hug.

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Ryan Reynolds posted the first look at Domino lying on a very interesting carpet

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The Master of Disguise

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My fiancé just got back from her bachelorette party

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This meme so hot right now

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50 Kg lap dog

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this is either from poland or russia theres also an off chance this is from kentucky

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13 pics of girl-on-girl action performed in front of a bunch of soldiers

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Favorite pup looks like a devil dog mid-yawn

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