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Attempt to take a picture of my niece and brother but she fell back as it being taken

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Attempt to take a picture of my niece and brother but she fell back as it being taken

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A man's best friend

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Massive trash hoarder encountered installing flooring in a very nice house. We shouldnt have opened that door.

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Is it okay if I rest my balls here for a minute?

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Adequate personal space is important

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Insert player 2

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Caught my cats having sex like humans..

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My dog met my SO for the first time

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My gf was sick. This guy is "helping."

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Jekyll and Hyde

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I will just sit here, on this rope toy.

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The mess I woke up to. Am I the jerk for leaving a roll of paper towels on the couch?

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dat ass

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18 yr old Katie Upton

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Alexis Ren

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Fiona has 9 Rottie babies

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Kendall Jenner

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Don't tell mom I slept on the bed!!

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