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He front flipped; I back flipped.

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Meanwhile in Germany

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17 points

I am a good parent!

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Stevie Ray Vaughn statue appears to be walking on water in Texas Flood.

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We brought our dog with us to play tennis... really should've known better

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How high is Chris Rock

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12 points

Missile Kick

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Expertly framed.

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Not too shabby

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15 points

When people ask who the hell I think I am

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We thought this photo looked like a retro Sci-Fi movie poster

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The madafakin dolphin has a better sex life than me. *cries in the corner

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9 points

94 year old Keith Davison, lonely after losing his wife of 66 years, built a pool for the neighborhood kids.

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13 points

40,000-year-old steppe bison skull was so well preserved in the Alaskan permafrost

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8 points

Appropriate shirt

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20 points

Tinder Genders

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19 points

Every goddamn time

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21 points

People in Brazil just saved this stranded whale, after 24 hours on the sand!

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