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The perfect shit

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Ready for the battle

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12 points

Got to serve Bill and Brian Doyle Murray tonight at my restaurant (Q39 in Overland Park, KS)!

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15 points

A split second before my back hit the ground. The branch I was hanging from broke and I fell 5ft onto my back.

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Woman before she realizes she is falling

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87 points

Little brother enjoying Hawaii

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Some wise advice.....

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67 points

Is this a thing now..?

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19 points

A step between mountains - Mt Stapylton to Hollow Mt, Grampians, Victoria, Australia

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He’s floating

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23 points

What the heck is he thinking?

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16 points

Not mine

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19 points

Lara Croft cosplay

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84 points

A half dozen of cars have been damaged in the neighbourhood. Today, I found the guy....

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Why do you hate your good boys??

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22 points

This doggo has drown syndrome!!

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24 points

My friend, a rope swing professional, falling into a 15 ft deep lake two summers ago

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Perfect wave timing for these boys.

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The world is your oyster

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