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3D art created by using sand in New Zealand

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8 points

That last step is a bit tricky

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The majestic Hindenbork glides through the skies above the hooman.

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10 points

Now I know the first thing I'm gonna do if I ever visit Italy.

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10 points

It looks like I'm holding the water hose...

Preview bc878b09 e3ac 4081 a60f 19130d684326

I have travelled far to pee on things and claim this land.

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8 points

Auditions for a new Wonder Woman are clearly not going as hoped.

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15 points

Yesterday my dad passed away(71), this is him at Pigeon Forge, 1983. You will be missed.

Preview e1e506c7 86af 45bd 927b 630db2951e49
80 points

Rhythmic Gymnast during her routine

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My wife took this pic of my dad and my son on vacation. I love it!

Preview 66c82875 a128 4183 ab21 166a541be581
55 points

I have been waiting for this day all my life.

Preview a4e3a9d7 63dd 4ad1 a721 8b1db2ebaf0e
106 points

We should all be a little more like Brian

Preview 21d61e6a 041d 408a abbb 81b00d55d8d9
73 points

My dog likes to swim

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Subway in New York: only "Dogs in bags" are allowed

Preview 5b9d0ca5 d58f 427a a732 b4ba59b90099
10 points

Nothin better on a summer day

Preview 56735c84 0e80 4f02 8c6a e1d462392e7e
15 points

Oh. You almost had it. Gotta be a little bit quicker than that.

Preview 21dd7657 6861 40d2 a8e3 8199ada6ea7f
97 points

He wouldn't stop swimming after me, so I was forced to let him board.

Preview 09b65ea1 05e3 4d1e b40b 37d727cdc9ab
12 points

Is she in the air...or on the ground?

Preview 9a1f6b39 1df5 4a5b b436 a8b3a00516ee

Spot the Easter Egg.

Preview e6260859 8f26 4886 9f71 49010f1e2ffa
13 points

Moments before the pain

Preview 4b838be7 cbdc 43cb 9a64 cd29d1612edb

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