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Dog takes tent by force and taunts ‘owners.’

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The Myth. The Legend.

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7 points

Lightning struck this fishing rod

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12 points

I'm going to the Russia 2017 MAKS Air Show for the airplanes and stuff. Dem T50 Pak Fa looking good.

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14 points

Crossing a Crevasse

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Dave Grohl, Kyle Glass, Josh Homme, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Eddie Vedder and Beck.

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"Just being Jesus, don't bother me"

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Magic carpet

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This makes me happy

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My girlfriend lost her phone this past weekend on a roller coaster, and the ride photo caught the exact moment it happened

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He looks stunning

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Goodboy Cerberus does a guard of the Gates of Heck

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73 points

When you are in the beach but you are also a good boy

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11 points

This is what pure calmness looks like.

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8 points

The Dude Awakens

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8 points

Swim call in the Gulf of Aden

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Walked out to the pool my girls told me they had boobs lol Who else did this as a kid?

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12 points

F**k the System!

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71 points

Oh man

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