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Rakotzbrücke, Rhododendronpark, Germany

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Methane bubbles trapped in a frozen lake

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11 points

Oh the irony....

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12 points

Minimalistic bathroom in Manhattan overlooking Brooklyn

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18 points

Found a dead cow in our pond today. We did not have a cow.

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12 points

Waves Cresting

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This building looks 2D

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14 points

Petroleum trapped in a quartz crystal

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18 points

My friend is an amateur photographer. Please show him some love.

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9 points

I found the little bugger months later, that look says it all

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Cloud dog howling for the moon to come out

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14 points

Putting Water droplets on a CD and photographing it with a macro left me with this surreal shot

Preview aa0b25a2 cd8c 4c95 b5f4 c281d128b22a
13 points

Emergency exit

Preview 2a64dda1 0fba 4a29 bbad 9544b8a0a790
9 points

Love birds

Preview fac861bf 7f4e 404c baac 69909b94c66c

Morning sun under the Öresund bridge

Preview 4b2bdc2e efec 4114 94f6 a0a555e42176
13 points

Life Goals

Preview 3f61ebcd 2630 4a59 b4c4 ed4b221d51c2
18 points

This hotel bar is an aquarium

Preview fd8da92e 671e 47b4 879f 6ebb4b15aa17
1 points

Waves cresting

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12 points

A drop of color

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3 points

My grandmothers lake in Indiana she had made almost 40 years ago. Was the most peaceful and quiet place I've ever known.

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6 points

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