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When the sun shines in Iceland.

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Thundering Tampa Bay Lightning

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You had just one job

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50 points

It looks like he smacked pavement

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Detroit gets it.

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Saw this in Amsterdam airport...trolley wheels...f# that

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These are getting out of hand

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Imagine waking up to this

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Iiit's Magic!

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East Meets West: Singaporean Musicians Perform Beautiful Rendition Of Disney Songs

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It's 60 degrees on February 18th in Minnesota. These guys took their jet skis out, parked on a patch of ice, and went fishing on the Mississippi.

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Rate my setup

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6 months after Rio 2016. What a waste of money.

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Guess the country

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Would you live here? (Reine, Lofoten, Norway)

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83 points

Explain what is happening here

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These two pictures were taken within 48 hours of each other on the farm I live on in Langley BC, Canada

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Bad news kids...

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