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European version of Florida guy

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57 points

Professor just started updating the course site and added this photo

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62 points

Living in an apartment

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Definitely 100

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82 points

We're very original at the pool I guard

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87 points

This eagle

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What if...

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40 points

This dead trash panda between radiator and bumper of car in parking lot.

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58 points

This picture

Preview fa94ddc1 47b9 460c b9e9 df36d75990a8

Is Voss supposed to have this shit in it?

Preview 85d97dcc bbee 4ea2 9c2f c4043e31efc2
22 points

A cold beer and this view, what else do you need

Preview d247bc02 94b7 4273 8135 c75c217e6cf0

I work on the ship, and everyday I can see this beauty

Preview 2a03d723 5563 41be 9ce8 87878758973a
23 points

Bruce McCandless II, “free-flying” 320 ft from his orbiter, further than any previous astronaut.

Preview 08035376 c1d6 40d3 bb1e cc2cb5822ebf

Bald Eagle

Preview e3f25aff 7ccd 4a0c bfd0 5eb2879774a9

Perfect timing

Preview 62266f03 eb87 4ba2 af0a cf56bf984a9c

Is Voss supposed to have this shit in it?

Preview 8809f43d 673f 4afe 8cbf 79e51156a414
24 points

Northwest fires perspective: Same day - Glacier National Park at 11am and 4pm

Preview 54523033 0d72 4759 a51c fc8802fe3e42
21 points

Kinkaku-Ji Shrine in Japan

Preview 2f21af4a d94f 4494 b5a9 07d12a2c5798
14 points

Look at all these flagrant lawbreakers.

Preview 62499999 8419 459e 94c2 2fa36e022f20

A Special Birthday

Preview bc01828a 5f2b 4d3a b072 2c711c52edb6

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