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Haha guess the concert?

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83 points

I had to do a double take when I saw the condiments at this restaurant.

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Who else wants some Pizger

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24 points

Nice pizza I guess

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Irish porn be like

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18 points


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20 points

A friend was asked to bring in a plate for morning tea at her Breast Screening workplace. Mammograhams.

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70 points

To the dominos person who made my pizza: you get me like no one else ever will.

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79 points

Uh what is this mr potato dead?

Preview 9d3cc568 2758 4cf7 a182 fa7086a8604c

"Uhhhh Surprise me with a Trump Pizza"

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I love fries, so much

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59 points

I'm still full.

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24 points

So sad but lol

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22 points

413 is the limit

Preview 793e77a2 72aa 4876 9ded bc0183284b8b
20 points


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Did you know?

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20 points

Trivia time

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14 points

Yup. Perfect

Preview 4df4cd3b 75a8 4fdd ac91 1493fad6e429
16 points

Just wonderful.

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19 points

Describe your post...

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