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Italian skin composition

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183 points

If you send a picture of a dish to Gordon Ramsay he will roast you, his replies are hilarious

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126 points

Do Cheerios count as engagement rings ?

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123 points

A moment of silence for this valiant effort.

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131 points

I LOVE it !

Preview 2c4a2b2f 25bd 4bd6 a3f9 dd5b32c2137e
124 points

That's Barbaric

Preview 78366f03 ea15 439e 84a0 549a152ef6e6
107 points

Few will understand this

Preview 3e2c5112 1a47 4998 87e3 ff1a46a4f2f7
119 points

"Yeah, I'd like a large pizza with extra pizza please"

Preview e6dc415b 9c3e 46e6 a1d1 907c9335acf9
77 points

This memes are gold!

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84 points

2017 GOALS

Preview eaa6c3be 37eb 48bc 9f97 21ee22b03db0
66 points

I can think of a few other things I'd enjoy on my lap, but whatever. Hot pizza box is good too

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144 points

Too much is too much

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188 points

The trump-pizza (Wall included)

Preview 70d66e5f 1b66 414e 82f0 8ab841dcf674
105 points

As a vegan....

Preview cbb93373 218d 4db5 b8b7 3bc6d5627f7d
130 points

So much pain in one picture

Preview 4522eff2 5b2b 400d ab19 4003a75dec2f
157 points

My best friend made my birthday cake this year.

Preview 0ebbc4c9 7170 4250 a039 579d576c2abd
83 points

This is true love

Preview 182be785 e588 4c19 99db 94f8a5b5f929
192 points

Not diassapointed.

Preview 00853cee f8d0 4770 b01c f363f513e2d2
119 points

The struggle is real.

Preview 595bd0d8 ed59 447f bb1a 99522b1a1e91
146 points

I'm loving it!

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