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Careful how you wear your sweatshirt!! XD

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239 points

Chimbles And The Faulty Refrigerator Vs Homeland Security

72 points

Don't lie... we've all been there...

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108 points

Seems like a legit form of measurement

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85 points

Guess we're out of ink now

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113 points

Horrible truth about Peppa pig.

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150 points

I asked my boss what kind of designation markers she wanted for the two new bathrooms in the office. She ordered these.

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137 points

Any problem hooman

Preview 1909df23 8ed8 4a0c b0e8 c2382c95eb38

And she wants me to leave the seat down.

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119 points

My girlfriend hung out at my house while I had to work.

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128 points

That one teacher...

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114 points

Little Cat decided to rearrange my room. Big Cat is enjoying the view. .

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Extra thicc

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130 points

This is how I protected my Christmas trees from asshole cats and dogs.

Preview d14d19ee 00d6 401b 9177 453e29d00ced
135 points

I woke up to my cat acting normal. Nothing to see here.

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106 points

Kitchen of a stunning three level penthouse located atop a 32-story skyscraper with mountain and water views in Vancouver, Canada

Preview 398db027 8704 4040 9dbd 8390fbe0f2b7
89 points

It is my wife’s birthday.

Preview 06b4bdf9 52ca 4eb4 ad52 84b0470ecf37
105 points

Strawberry Pink Colored Kitchen, 1956

Preview 7a0794e2 7117 4567 b5a0 fca04925111e
101 points

Upper East Side kitchen designed by Steven Gambrel

Preview 56f8ce76 762a 43c7 8bf5 5fe5ed786148
90 points

Spacious kitchen in a converted barn in Weston, MA

Preview f40d1f92 f92a 41c9 bb11 4a55b3344353
63 points

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