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Wedding Photography

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Future me

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13 points

We hate the ocean

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16 points

Carmen Callaway

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22 points

Look at this

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21 points

Well this probably true...

Preview bdcd8277 5b01 4226 b29b 73645b3fb6a5
14 points

Please just don't kill me

Preview 04c73fc9 cd27 4756 bd95 6faeaa5523ab
19 points

Hold it right there while I change my lense

Preview de98fbb8 e0c9 4df5 97c3 05e8f2090417
13 points

Don't kill yourselves just yet, wait until this date

Preview a034a362 52d9 4f91 8f63 a46b5db73947
79 points

VLC.exe is not responding

Preview c116f653 f48b 4789 aca3 a67fa1993cdc
19 points

Life saving done right

Preview 5b29f200 5604 442c b148 ad269db20df8
18 points

Him: Will you marry me? Her: No. Him: OK then

Preview beff8441 8349 4da9 8601 7331daf08f27
20 points

A tiny problem most women will understand...

Preview a107fcf4 7b79 468d 8707 5b3d293a943e
4 points

ASMR Prank


And you can't be naked

Preview 56e619fa c70f 4af5 b931 9e997d63d5b9
6 points

Tough decisions

Preview 54d90890 bfe0 4278 ae44 44b798e050fc
20 points

Im just gonna post this here

Preview 061ef6a0 465e 48b9 9eac eb4be1cd67d5
22 points

He truly can

Preview ae750d9f 5dcf 4cce 8092 c05810f399af
12 points

I don't understand why nowadays girls want to have the same butt than KK, it's really too big...

Preview 6cfed210 5eee 49e4 8882 df120c2bbb8a
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