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They should release the green suit cut. I'd watch it.

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I walk through this sanctuary every week to get to my therapist’s office. The organist always practices during the session.

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50 points

San Miguel Allende

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I see your Union Stations and raise you Chicago's Union Station

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Union Station, Washington, D.C . Opened in 1907, it is Amtrak's headquarters and the railroad's second-busiest station with annual ridership of just under 5 millio

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62 points

I see your Washington, DC Union Station and raise you our Toronto, ON Union Station

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59 points

Stone Fireplace + Bar fills rustic Log Cabin Mansion in Big Sky, MT

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22 points

What will you do for April Fools Day?

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75 points

100+ Year Old Apartment In Old Montreal

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43 points

Always a good time to play chess

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72 points

Light shines through the windows of a beautiful church in England by LF Salzman

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77 points

Museum of Marrakesh

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62 points

store windows display in Rottach/Germany

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74 points

Woven by god.

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Just found this sub. Photo is of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris, France. Only noticed the bird afterwards.

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"Strahov Monastery Philosophical Hall"

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69 points

The Palm Room in the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, MB

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75 points

St. Paulus Church, Neuss, Germany

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79 points

Grayson Perry's "A House for Essex" in Wrabness, UK

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81 points

Empty hallway inside Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal

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