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Amazing street art in Glasgow

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210 points

New "Outlast 2" Launch Trailer Is So Spooky That It's Gonna Haunt You

113 points

He lives in a pineapple...

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141 points

When everything is shitty but you're used to it.

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151 points

What should he do?

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126 points

When you want to celebrate your friend's wedding ceremony at 13.00 but mein F├╝hrer at 13.30

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103 points

Major shit.

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252 points

Italian cake

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130 points

Who the f**k can marry a man like that

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287 points

When me and my roommate go clean the toilet after a party.

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111 points

This church in Milan is filled with skulls

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117 points

One logo can change everything

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119 points

When you go to the church in Brazil and find the devil itself

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151 points

Deal with it

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116 points

800 Year Old Wooden Church in Norway

Preview 134f7443 7b4e 4cad bb10 831a94ba99f3
200 points

Looks like something out of Starwars but its the City of Medina, Saudi Arabia

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118 points

Real life Bert and Ernie is scarier than any horror movie ever...

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362 points

How to disguise yourself the Marvel way

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137 points

Yes. He actually is a pumpkin!

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163 points

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