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Basilica de la Virgen, Valencia, Spain

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9 points

Neat asf

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19 points

Or they think you are fool

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18 points

Creative Old Woman

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16 points

Dragon fireplace

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8 points

I love old art memes

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13 points

Matching a dress with Saint Petersburg Mosque's interior

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12 points

Statue of "Deafy" who was deaf, mute, and had his legs cut off at the knee by a train

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19 points

New Children's Book

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11 points

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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13 points

Matching dress' pattern with mosque's interior

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6 points

A Peruvian corpse.

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15 points

Always be a kid inside

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19 points

Way too many Pepes

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3 points

You'll float too.

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14 points

Monty Python Life Of Brian is still relevant today

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2 points

Importance of Geometry in Islamic Architecture

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12 points

Old butt gold.

Preview f0769cd1 6efb 47dc 9577 dacd510eabf9
2 points

Get your d*cks out

Preview 92ad9c90 a025 4fde 8e56 499487cacd40
57 points

Open your mouth and receive the gift of the lord

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15 points

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