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Regular Show

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Being drunk vs. Being high

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This is true..

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I'd watch the hell out of this!

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Redditor criminals be like.

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That drawing of Dan was done in 2015, and Google decided just now to use it as their first official pic of him. Also, that's not JonTron. Go home Google, you're drunk.

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How the rest of the world sees USA

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Naughty Victorian "hand" book ;P

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Astronomy Guy.

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I took drunk texting my ex to a new level ‘I legit love you like you know how when someone is dead’ 🤦🏽‍♀️

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I say we give it a shot!

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Search for Point Lonsdale VIC in google maps. Zoom the Sand circle. Let me know if you find something interesting.

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This review swayed our decision to buy this tent.

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are you a nerd siri?

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Must have been before Geonosis

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Why science teachers should not be given playground duty.

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An interesting title

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