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Ancient Japanese wisdom had me figured out from the start

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82 points


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75 points

3 different kinds of pet owners

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108 points

Little crimes

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100 points


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85 points

Dating in a nutshell.

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97 points

Tunnels used by Viet Cong forces during the Vietnam War

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That eagle must be retarded

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81 points

Google tryina catch me slippin

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50 points

My son got detention. Can't even be mad.

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65 points

Remodeling my Grandfather's basement and found this... he's still yelling at us from the grave.

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61 points

I live with three other guys and this is what my girlfriend left on our dryer

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63 points

Sheneman cartoon in the Star Ledger today

Preview bb02482b afc6 4f80 bcb8 c3dc78b333e5
56 points

To the "Polish Man" guy,I raise you this

Preview c0acb888 951f 4bbd 9329 ab00b0cc031c
70 points

hear us out on this

Preview 24cc497e f6c9 408e a343 b5b764e46e20
67 points

What is your emergency, please?

Preview 9121d5da c4c6 4aa2 ab3b a139aa16f79f
61 points

The Kiss of Poseidon

Preview 2ca7f7f4 07ea 46c7 9008 e046eb1ac857
59 points

Just had to add the important part at the end.

Preview 8a03b6d6 347d 42cb 8aa3 12c31707ee5d
66 points

My kind of people

Preview facec1fb a81f 4b30 8bd8 ddf20c8dd878
46 points

This vodka review

Preview a413171d 2f9d 4661 a36a a2bcfd61b9ce
44 points

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