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My little sister didn't appreciate the fruits of my cleaning

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82 points

Important science tip

Preview 687485ee af3b 4688 bfae c8b89a458d0b
70 points

Joined by the eye

Preview 3ac0f203 be82 4c3f a227 848c1023766b
14 points

Never let go

Preview ac6c3c19 77d9 4e22 96fb 9fedcff7f177

A starfish with problems on his mind

Preview 9b075186 cc1f 425b a779 62adcd8611de
53 points

This snake with a pumpkin pattern

Preview 7ed29aaf 4540 4d23 a3ff 70da65ca1295
68 points

Anything you say?

Preview ccc776ab 6f53 46cd b82d c7f512d18371
17 points

Fish skin used to treat burn victims in Brazil

Preview b63a1cbd e3fe 40d7 a59b bdc5fef0136a
22 points

Piggybacking turtles

Preview c364851a 986a 40c0 94eb e79b63ceb0f3

Science-backed, cold hard facts

Preview d483b11b 134e 4466 86f2 14e508d23c58
17 points

Chemeleons will hold onto anything you give them.

Preview 4140dd57 ac2b 4f31 ad7a 6bc71ce6c466
23 points

Its so cute......

Preview a51175f0 577c 4992 b941 1300a6fd88dd
18 points

Oh when will it end........ See what I did there ;)

Preview 9d5b54e9 91e5 4504 b52b 912f381d1fa0
17 points

This staircase

Preview dd54bd73 ac73 4e48 b31a df7875c3e54d
12 points

This is a graffiti in my hometown , I hope you like it.

Preview f0f0530d 04f1 43fa 814f e43d47e2db7f
18 points

KNOW the difference!

Preview 7032610e b559 431a bd84 bcc3750b0b5d

Well.. can I be now disney princess??

Preview 22c33652 3fad 4242 a7f1 f0a337709328
20 points

Just let him be man

Preview a0794ec6 ce54 4e6f 8f91 914b3d6679c4
20 points

Little Ball Python | Photo by Viper

Preview c1cb2a9a 1b7a 407f b2c6 f720f42b938c
17 points

Happy pun snek

Preview 10bd424e 63ce 40ef 8338 dc769830d107
20 points

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