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Python vs. King Cobra

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105 points

Did you know???

Preview d19737d5 eb9a 4cf0 9a16 45fdf4b79633
78 points

There’s a boot in my snake!

Preview d232c247 82af 4cdb babb 27d86e9b5f46
116 points

A girl and her pet

Preview f75c4c5e 9896 4f7c 87d1 5e5cedc2f7a5
65 points

A whip made from a spine.

Preview 0832bd23 e84c 472d ab32 c7a01cfc6d00
106 points

The water preserved this deer's body underneath and the rest was rotted away.

Preview 10f22f17 2fb2 42af bef6 a2fc09f9b319
122 points

Saw this cutie at the vet today 🐊

Preview 5e5ad9bc f2e6 4657 aa78 f361c0fc86bf
72 points

Someone found this creature in their lettuce

Preview 269b6747 3f72 4af7 b0b5 05e6c5176ad5
97 points

Snake eating Snake

Preview ec0e7b4b 92f4 49c1 8a96 764f67b3cb7c
113 points

Found these KISSING DUCKS in a small village in rural China close to the famous famous rice fields 🙈❤️

Preview c184dd52 4aa8 4f17 85bf b49decb82e65

It's a snake eat snake world out there

Preview 92bf8696 a6fa 4cf3 b8d5 6cef6f98d717
99 points

That texture

Preview 3cf8e84a a8c7 4aba ac4c b23075e22b48
156 points

Baby Toucans look like a cross between a dinosaur and Costco roasted chicken

Preview a3125748 0065 40cc adc0 f1a388c1629a
70 points

WTF Baby toucans look like a cross between a dinosaur and Costco chicken

Preview e4f0be65 0594 4788 935f 7505a7736ba4
65 points

Ultimate warrior

Preview 9b144631 4204 465d b802 b4254800941f
102 points

Oh snaps.

Preview ef48aa77 9eb1 4110 a772 a686cb11d947

I think I captured the exact moment this turtle lost his virginity.

Preview f9034de9 1e68 4cda b528 ffc46bb7cd5a
83 points

Hey, could I please see your finger?

Preview a181dd37 217a 4b60 a080 a32b9bb99f98
76 points

eyes up!

Preview f7b2335e 7649 4a0f be45 ba931335112e
78 points

Sneaky snek forces man to dropkick his friend


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