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eyes up!

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19 points

Petrified lizard stuck to my wall

Preview dc46a26e 2372 4649 933c e4d9da2aa017
78 points

When you are telling your Grandparents about your job and they have no clue what have you just said, but they are very supportive

Preview eadeb249 a9b2 4f28 a9c9 5311947b3b0d
83 points

Unicorn python

Preview e6851d53 a1d1 4524 ae24 248faa74f02f
65 points

Butterflies sitting on Alligator

Preview 6ce716c0 b685 43fb ac1e 7def913f3856

The Viper with the Ghost on the head

Preview e304651a 57b9 4327 a76c 23537e92aca1
61 points

I see you

Preview fbed7200 0511 4e12 bb15 a41aa1a6740d

Save me....this bint has been laying on me for 2 hours now

Preview 071c9ca0 cf8d 4e78 acb9 809af0b5bfdd

Hunter Crocodile <<== Prey Fish

Preview c77f2491 c294 4317 9893 fd57e2581ead

Python vs King Cobra

Preview 2b21adf6 a84e 44cf 9bf9 2cb9abe41771
99 points

The more you know

Preview c136c6f9 095a 49a0 b975 f09f0f2a416f
69 points

my dog realizing i'm petting her with a tiny hand

Preview 4ff42f36 8692 4832 97b6 91b69e1ed401
74 points

My little sister didn't appreciate the fruits of my cleaning

Preview ac7af9c6 e0e0 4361 b56a 51bab5a80308
118 points

Important science tip

Preview 687485ee af3b 4688 bfae c8b89a458d0b
81 points

Joined by the eye

Preview 3ac0f203 be82 4c3f a227 848c1023766b
24 points

Never let go

Preview ac6c3c19 77d9 4e22 96fb 9fedcff7f177

A starfish with problems on his mind

Preview 9b075186 cc1f 425b a779 62adcd8611de
66 points

Alligator head trick


This snake with a pumpkin pattern

Preview 7ed29aaf 4540 4d23 a3ff 70da65ca1295
75 points

Anything you say?

Preview ccc776ab 6f53 46cd b82d c7f512d18371
38 points

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