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Rescued this kitten. This is how she repays me.


My dog has an alarming amount of patience...


Drive Thru Dentist

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76 points

Train Over A Bridge

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This car was completely intact 2 days prior. Abandoned near a store known for vagrancy.

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76 points


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72 points

Yes, I would like to science please

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80 points

Promises Promises

Preview 605b1dc7 ea0a 4bee 9c75 33476b04b725
73 points

I am sorry...

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71 points

Delightfully tacky, yet, unrefined. Perhaps helpful?

Preview 2ec2870e 3f37 4e2a 86c7 e74245993142
86 points

Our hoarder neighbors got evicted, this is the view from the front door.

Preview 1c06700e a412 49d8 a7a2 c80df9aff64f
45 points

Fast and simple

Preview 544cdebc 6987 4983 8061 3a2f7f255003
67 points

Dramatic big wave surfer rescue


Honk if a kid falls out

Preview dccb9e5a ea31 418f 8d66 fd6cc32854db
47 points

Well, if The Red Green Show has taught us anything...

Preview c9ec822e 4bb7 4991 a86c 91e4178a5756
13 points

Not that l know of

Preview 741dfbd9 b913 4440 8961 078b63e56ef3
15 points

Chicken Fights off Corgi Dog with Duck's Help


Jerk dog bites couch, person, attempts somersault.


Car on fire in flooded street!?

Preview ba5a8cad 9e44 428c b084 c542f112c18b
17 points

I'll need a towtruck? Hold my beer.

Preview 6401ca9d 5f89 4675 9ec9 8905f91bed9d
72 points

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