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Honk if a kid falls out

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Well, if The Red Green Show has taught us anything...

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Not that l know of

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Chicken Fights off Corgi Dog with Duck's Help


Jerk dog bites couch, person, attempts somersault.


Car on fire in flooded street!?

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5 points

I'll need a towtruck? Hold my beer.

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20 points

Diagnosed with PTSD, depression and alcoholism I adopted Gabby. I thought I saved her but she actually saved me.

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They took "fight fire with fire" way too serious

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7 points

Who's going to win?

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I sure hope they drive slowly around corners

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13 Must Know Survival Hacks

334 points

Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

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148 points

A fine university for gentleman

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136 points

I thought these were supposed to break away

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227 points

Amiright or amiright

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300 points

Finding parking is getting harder and harder

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267 points

No problem

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198 points

When normal dic** just aren't good enough, you call..

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