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First card I saw in the ‘lost your wife’ section

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23 points

A high dependency patient's blood sample after a two day drinking binge.

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65 points

F**kin' basics

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14 points

No need to check this book out to learn what I need to know about Australian Shepherds

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A nice old lady was having a yard sale in my neighborhood yesterday

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88 points

Waiting for my Physiotherapist and thus caught my attention

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20 points

Christian High School Parties

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74 points

Hit it and quit it? More like...

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8 points

Oh the Sweet Smell of...

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23 points

Waiting for my Physiotherapist and thus caught my attention

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17 points

How churches are located in Tampere, Finland

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I Don't Think Jesus Has To Know

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My mum tried to tell me Birds weren't animals this is what the internet said

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151 points

Any question?

Preview fcbc69db 2bfb 49e1 91cb 463d1a660cc4
11 points

That Took An Unexpected Turn

Preview 7d920a83 2e22 4677 ba3b 8f6a86c22485
54 points

Your pal the CIA

Preview e99bcdd7 dcca 4eae bdd8 8d7af3244a09
23 points

"Sum up your life in a flowchart"

Preview bbe40668 639d 4077 aef6 a760a8fa6c04
163 points

WOW! Disney Experiment Lets You Catch Real Objects In Virtual Reality

198 points

Please trust me I'm a professional engineer.

Preview 4da5df9f d251 4d54 923c c90349464561
285 points

Defending yourself.

Preview 211ed75f 2b29 4b27 b327 374d73491975
150 points

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