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Family photos by the sea...

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45 points

Boys and Girls

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76 points

Who else want to live here?

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20 points

The moment just before impact.

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Plant Filled Bathroom in an Old Montreal Condo

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21 points

The calm before the cannonball

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Woman before she realizes she is falling

Preview a2f1aeb0 a1c6 44cf a9e6 f6827bf7fa95
239 points

Ladies and gentlemen, my hometown - Jajce

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I poop where I want!

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She climbing the wall way too fast

Preview d4dbd11e f2f0 4ee6 800a e314aa53d8c1
108 points

Hold it right there while I change my lense

Preview de98fbb8 e0c9 4df5 97c3 05e8f2090417
19 points

I took this about two months ago while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Preview 0a8cf196 e25c 4c86 9ac6 ac2d37004f07
21 points

Which Mansion would you pick?

Preview df93fdc8 1d0e 4fa4 af13 472ca6c14a1e
45 points

Right angle.

Preview fbc63488 9533 4a08 80bb 3fc8bff6b813
20 points

Decadent Indoor Pool Part of $54million Malibu Estate. There are two more pools if you'd rather swim outside.

Preview 5e2f2a70 961a 4c8a 835f f0a51aed7ca2
102 points

Garden room in a town home in London has ample light for growing plants.

Preview 1c59efaa ef43 4963 a3f3 c2e7372d7c7b
7 points

Gorgeous unobstructed living room views of the Pacific Ocean in this California residence

Preview 0c3ec9e7 4ea4 46a1 bbc8 4bda915c21ce
43 points

Beautiful indoor pool with a natural feel. Bowen Island, BC. More pics in comments

Preview 6ba13ad3 84bf 4357 b9b7 25dde1fc04c6
394 points

Mountain living room filled with Anselm Kiefer paintings in home designed by Peter Marino Architect © Roger Davies, Architectural Digest

Preview 7c27b6c9 235c 4dd8 9da7 f479ec8a4ec6
59 points

Crossing a Crevasse

Preview 7d0dfcfd abf5 4213 a274 1ecd8fc68066

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