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Having a staring contest with these pelicans the whole boat tour

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NABUCO House / Pablo Gagliardo, Uruguay, 2015

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44 points

Exposed Beams And Mountain Views

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76 points

Outdoor living Soneva Fushi, Maldives

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72 points

Santa Barbara dining/living room with a view

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59 points

I only noticed days after when I was editing the photo. Paradise beach in Tulum, Mexico.

Preview e9b9ccb7 72dd 42ee 98ab 6d5754b59265
113 points

This room in the Willow House in Singapore is so inviting

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95 points

Coeur Des Alpes Hotel - Zermatt, Switzerland

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72 points

Family photos by the sea...

Preview e8d797a5 9a8f 4d25 86c5 7dbf2b9074ab
93 points

Boys and Girls

Preview 55760a06 9d3a 4b45 bd41 eb095f36e21f
127 points

Who else want to live here?

Preview 5cf935a0 811b 48b6 aed1 d5b61edf69f0
90 points

The moment just before impact.

Preview ce1b2a05 2a06 49bb bc5f 080816ee9b29

Plant Filled Bathroom in an Old Montreal Condo

Preview 41d10862 4faf 4d96 89fa 1f2d3acd6349
66 points

The calm before the cannonball

Preview f8b41913 8f71 42df 8802 6a7fe5591fe5

Woman before she realizes she is falling

Preview a2f1aeb0 a1c6 44cf a9e6 f6827bf7fa95
336 points

Ladies and gentlemen, my hometown - Jajce

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I poop where I want!

Preview 8994cc96 ffaf 4f77 bf8c 67e3bef968bf

I modified dis...

Preview 5e9b9ed0 6efe 4180 bac0 9d23effd9764
103 points

She climbing the wall way too fast

Preview d4dbd11e f2f0 4ee6 800a e314aa53d8c1
124 points

Hold it right there while I change my lense

Preview de98fbb8 e0c9 4df5 97c3 05e8f2090417
45 points

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