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Priced out of housing market: 1 bedroom condo + den decorated to house 2 parents & 3 kids

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80 points

The Marvel/Shaun of the dead crossover you didn’t know you needed.

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104 points

Kitchen in Paris

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76 points

My interesting friends

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98 points

Rustic industrial kitchen/dining space in a large open plan living area made of weathered wooden beams and other recycled materials, Wentworth-Nord, rural Quebec, Canada

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23 points

Level 5 Goose Warning

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95 points

Damn geese

Preview 7c709902 5fa6 4257 8836 aad0f2f2e761

Gorgeous chef's kitchen in West Village home

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44 points

Think again

Preview 84b2518a a911 4f85 8f30 6bdd009d9b4d

Pops wanted to show off his healthy meal

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Trout Lake House / Olson Kundig , United States, 2016

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56 points

Shimotoyama House Renovation / ALTS Design Office, Japan, 2018

Preview 481570f6 8119 4c55 b60e 4a5b9d420167
55 points

Chicken Slaughterhouse Protest Prank


Cozy attic apartment in Sweden features a custom bookcase that fits into the angled ceiling.

Preview 0cbef670 f0b0 4d60 8994 3cd76f75d648
59 points

So true😂

Preview 02198408 be93 4faa adeb 6b8463af1b5b

Beach penthouse situated in South Australia

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48 points

Gummy bear genetics

Preview 7b22f35d 736c 4221 ac0c 33953bc955ae
108 points

Vegan Protest Prank

13 points

Do you have the guts to try Coconut worm in Thai fish sauce? 🤢🤢

Preview c5860cc6 2253 4afc b23e b154d282668f
104 points


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124 points

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