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Steel frame extension to a renovated house bringing natural light to the dining area, Bangkok, Thailand

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14 points

Yup. Perfect

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13 points

When you finally got enough money to open your f*cking restaurant.

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19 points

Where's my dinner? :(

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10 points

Well, are they?

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11 points

Me when I hear that PETA says that milk is a new white supremacist symbol

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2 points

Gordon Ramsay Rents A New Apartment For Struggling Owners And They Literally Give Him A Big Kiss


Archie Rose Distillery & Bar, Sydney

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3 points

Weird guy spotted in NYC today. What's on his junk?

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19 points

Three Rings

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19 points

The Bhenchod Tapes Prank Call


Is math related to science

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100 points

Gordon Ramsay's Son.

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13 points

Burn it

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1 points

My Outdoor Living Room On a Budget

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1 points

When somebody tries to touch my food

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22 points

Parallel world

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22 points

Angry Ramsay is best Ramsay

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15 points

Rustic kitchen of Villa Lunardi, the home of Dede Pratesi of the revered luxury linens firm

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3 points

Good good

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