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Guess where I'm from

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Pizza os everything

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It looks like Leo's life is a bit to salty.

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This is gold

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111 points

At least, I liked that pizza

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This memes are gold!

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84 points

Life of a French baker is hard

Preview 435c5c68 c78e 4ab2 b50e 3154a6707a3c
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If it helps it's not stupid, diet plates.

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Doesn't that guy behind Keanu Reeves look just like him?

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She's so genuine

Preview bbce896c 9f12 440d b589 29acf8df807e
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Damn Hippies.

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So much pain in one picture

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Date her they said... It'll be fun they said...

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This is true love

Preview 182be785 e588 4c19 99db 94f8a5b5f929
192 points

And a diet coke

Preview 3e878ba6 fa2c 4cd9 bc16 4103f2558ac4
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Gordon Ramsay Eats Shark Fin Soup For The First Time And Passionately Defends Sharks!



Preview 9c30dba7 cf82 49ae 910e 86d31e01a39d
388 points

The cost of not putting out

Preview 6c81e0f4 b5d1 4e7b ad7c 4cf8d1193bec
124 points

Me getting into the Christmas spirit

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