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When your flash update looks like this in Germany, you get nervouse

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107 points

Probably my favorite post from Ken M

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i don"t have time for you bitch

Preview 7c5d3d2e 8e48 456e 8e2b dd079963cf36

Sure, your account was hacked.

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77 points

There are 2 types of classes in college

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100 points

Mom kicked me out

Preview 8c1a1397 d770 4f90 b3b3 011638fc6189
45 points

The top ten worst smells

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Preview 05c7f80d d7ae 4123 801f 8c153fc90397

Classic burn

Preview 4888bea1 d2e1 4f40 93b9 70879b213bdb
86 points

What on earth happened in this hotel?

Preview bc95266f 120e 4f63 9839 943c74febf45

Damnit Indians

Preview 82381b3e 0ba8 4fc1 974e 0774c8b4f239
143 points

When you need that quick energy boost.

Preview 27e9afc9 6cd0 4090 8b50 d133ae1b8841
54 points

Cards Against Humanity isn't for everyone.

Preview 6e7f8319 7197 4251 80d3 b0f0c9202dc7
86 points

This seller knows human nature.

Preview 5c722ee7 228e 4037 bfab 4fc018c4d80e
54 points

When you need that quick energy boost

Preview 765572cc 2911 4f83 a2c1 4bbacba7760e
62 points

What a twist

Preview 147c5f0f 8e3e 4031 8aab 25bdcd7b1d07

Let the shit show begin.

Preview f949ac89 77af 4607 8c96 1ba635392003
57 points

What the actual!!!

Preview da47ea6c 41f6 4df3 8f6f bdf11c1dba9a
79 points

Well I guess I got something new to google now

Preview 3d7b7c29 48ed 494e 88a2 cd521cbb7a4e

★☆☆☆☆ Bad product

Preview d9941eb6 effa 483f 9722 16832dec9ef2
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