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This seller knows human nature.

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22 points

When you need that quick energy boost

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22 points

What a twist

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Let the shit show begin.

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20 points

What the actual!!!

Preview da47ea6c 41f6 4df3 8f6f bdf11c1dba9a
17 points

Well I guess I got something new to google now

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★☆☆☆☆ Bad product

Preview d9941eb6 effa 483f 9722 16832dec9ef2
21 points

Name one movie that according to you is overrated af.

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When eraser shavings get to see more than you do

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76 points

2 rapes per year ain't that bad,right?

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16 points

She got what she asked for.

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19 points

A CL missed connection

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So old, but so gold

Preview b81e89ee 4029 448a 9119 3fe9b4b81752
15 points

You're gonna have beef if you don't eat it all

Preview cca8ce96 349b 4cd2 be04 c9b8ff0b2b15
24 points

What is your drink telling about you?

Preview 7c3b8dde 01ac 41a1 8f95 ebc974fff568
15 points

Cop interrupting a group chat.

Preview 4fc9d272 8fc9 41c1 92b9 89fb2e33c59c
11 points

Donald Trump Deletes One Of His First Tweets As President After Basic Spelling Error

Preview 0c95cf43 1ee0 4a09 880f 229d338e8061
7 points

Twitter complaint

Preview 321ba01e e7ea 4f88 b4ca 0859234b2d4f
16 points

TIL love doesn't always win

Preview a1b634cf dbbe 4d45 994d 35848dcfd022

Apply cold water to burned area

Preview b080aeff 9784 4f52 b83e 56a5b80e4415

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