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Chipps does not know what to think of Lucy

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92 points

This dog is more than a jerk

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he showed up with this present...

Preview 34775735 55a8 4d19 84ed 5ed03fb56fab

She don’t need no man.

Preview a3ea9073 3890 453c 9d55 19b32608ac7b
104 points

Step on a crack...

Preview 471b101a 550b 45fd bc39 0cef01fb18e9

Who says its not hot outside?

Preview 43982eb1 0068 42b3 8c5d 13b707287f23
186 points

This Cat is a Jerk

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Preview 6e336541 9f03 433f 9fc8 92ddb52a3d7a
101 points

You can just buy these signs from Amazon and place them anywhere you want

Preview d625bfd9 ae11 44f0 b997 e8927c63ac3e
158 points

My supervisor went to see Deadpool 2 over the weekend. I came into work today and found this.

Preview 3a032251 f407 4a23 aae5 463a8849322d
156 points

I'm pretty sure this is how you die in a fire

Preview a7f1a284 72a2 4973 b8e7 c128deb264ec
142 points

"I got 'em! Relax!"

Preview a8b20854 0669 4ac7 b697 89858f76290d
131 points

Truck Tyre sleep

Preview 9f0a5a28 0f89 4144 9fa5 fec6eb04dc97
106 points


Preview bc529d59 ca02 4f49 9c74 169c65656ea8
104 points

You've been a bad boi, Rex.

Preview 51503431 eecd 4edb bdb2 81dc925b20c1
99 points

New updates

Preview 1a3212d7 3fbe 4cf1 84b4 8bbcfbe97f13
142 points

Snaped a picture at a local CS:GO championship of a player accidentally holding his knife.

Preview 83ff6043 7f14 4793 b9b5 7e0a77df692f
109 points

Last Day of School Photo - SMILE!

Preview 25d39022 cc4a 4b6d 9d66 0baa8e31b182

Sick rock climbing shot

Preview 8b64ad38 1419 4790 944d 41719175a85c

A truck just rolled into our garage with this...

Preview cdad8d41 5d46 4f6e ae09 ccc7d4a92da6
102 points

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