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We all missed you Boss

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7 points

She don’t need no man.

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80 points

He refuses to be trained

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Feeling like a car owner

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I’m done with the paper.

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Pick on someone your own size!

Preview e2d144e0 ed4e 420c a0a2 89e3ad2ec81f

Guess tacos are off the menu tonight

Preview 1b0246cd e202 43ad b9d4 8b683a561b18

This is Poppy. She’s doing her best.13/10 hopes you’re proud of her

Preview 027dfe93 886b 4f53 a769 3a9d71e52a69
99 points

Hold still so I can eat your face

Preview 6b417b45 75a1 47ed 81ad 2bce75084e8a

Let Me Eat

Preview dd10cd83 f9e9 4555 afd3 2c8c05597771
88 points

Who can relate this ?

Preview deaccc23 e49a 4675 bb08 84fde4a53095
79 points

Am I still a good boy ?

Preview bb088de7 97f3 4770 ba22 58cd54bb6a6b
80 points

Nice photobomb.

Preview e22c2d71 6c40 46d5 93d4 9fb4792f57ad

Never taught to hunt. Only ever retrieved balls. Returned home with this for Mother’s Day.

Preview 0c83355d 15eb 482f 9bb6 6aab5d0e1a77

I gots clean teefies now

Preview 858a0cb7 c88a 4d06 9813 6ff8ec4f1fbe

Day 11, the dog still thinks I'm fur

Preview d9433e3f 3e98 4777 a7bf 344a1f838737
89 points

so funny

Preview 96b20141 7b99 4576 b8bf 9f49a4fbce96

I can't even...

Preview fb205a26 8277 41c5 b5e1 a754e7bf2868

Glad They've Saved the Dog

Preview 5c8f37c6 fb7b 40bc bb04 896d48beef12
88 points

My puppy is taking over the house

Preview c373b6b1 f441 4b66 a4dd 5521ec791982

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