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Sit. Good Dog.

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Good Boy

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11 points

Cuteness overload.

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14 points

Prison Break

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12 points

I'd like to introduce everyone to my new pup, Morty.

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12 points

When someone offers me food.

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10 points

Strange human I agree to adopt you

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12 points

Friends are important

Preview cc3f355f 12ff 4d1a bc50 ba8375c5e9eb
11 points

Aw what a cute doggo

Preview afcfae34 e16f 4cdf 8cb0 121815dc8854
12 points

Shut up Karen

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13 points

Hang in there buddy

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14 points

He did not pet me once, he is not a goodboy

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13 points

I think my dog dislikes baths.

Preview 62577804 ca3c 4574 b494 9cb3a7f4eeb6

This makes me feel lonely but happy at the same time. Time flies... Let's cherish every moment of our lives!

Preview f709ab5a 9e12 45fe 8da6 88c3f3ab9dca
19 points

"smol woofs"

Preview 09a979be c1e2 4314 b563 716ba7abca47

They fell asleep while they was fighting for the tennis ball

Preview 167f5a77 7584 42db b47f c310a4ba09c1

The entrance to hell is less intimidating than I expected.

Preview 058f727e f440 4e50 bef5 840a9231e96c
73 points

It's ok bro. You're too good for her anyway.

Preview fa145a1f d0a2 494c a355 b14ba6b56704
16 points

15 yr old doggo meets 1 yr old pupper

Preview 1c4fb835 b6c5 4ce2 9e94 28a013cf29a6
14 points

A good boy.

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