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so funny

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I can't even...

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Glad They've Saved the Dog

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81 points

My puppy is taking over the house

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The essentials

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61 points

They judge you

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88 points

So.. this just happened.

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96 points

It's okay mom, I killed the bed.

Preview ce0d58af 40f9 46b5 b73d 47074e090d7d

Ask your vet if your heart is healthy enough...

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91 points

Everybody’s got their thing

Preview 3eb24560 f418 4b85 a8d2 48126e94ab8e
91 points

Playing nicely at the park

Preview cf0a74be f2d1 455e 8247 7cedd86e39b8

Game, Set, Match.

Preview 593ab8bb d63b 467b 80f6 6a7591b17218
74 points

Drove right past the park and he instantly knew he was going to the Vet.

Preview 13e45830 3f51 4894 b6e1 aed6cf93c08f
91 points

My heart skips when they play like this. It looks worse than it is, she just lays there.

Preview bac87de4 6585 439f b934 d444dcb9d221

How... How do you want me to sleep?

Preview d6c61cb3 710a 4219 a573 3f7b51bc33ab

"I forgot how to dog"

Preview cc3c645c cf61 43e1 8286 12d46594d0cc
95 points

Looking through dog ads when all of a sudden

Preview c7be49c0 aa6a 451b 9ea9 639c36ec5bb4
66 points

My Australian cattle dog does this when I try to water anything.

Preview 36234465 4a2b 4c25 92db 2347b1a67c60

When you want to take a majestic picture of your Lab but the jealous cat photobombs it!

Preview 6627e91b 715e 4ea7 8811 8f80c8d187be

So my friend got his dog a new ball...

Preview 35460bbd 5d2b 4432 8a53 31280db39905
67 points

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