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I threw a tennis ball, he brought back a crab apple. Close enough, I guess.

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151 points

Hazel always sits and lays on Willow

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The things I've seen

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184 points

How about that?

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The younger wants to play

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Never invited back😔

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Imagine the birds thoughts when he took a peek out of his house.

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The chair is a little extra lumpy today..

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We all missed you Boss

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139 points

She don’t need no man.

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98 points

He refuses to be trained

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Feeling like a car owner

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I’m done with the paper.

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Pick on someone your own size!

Preview e2d144e0 ed4e 420c a0a2 89e3ad2ec81f

Guess tacos are off the menu tonight

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This is Poppy. She’s doing her best.13/10 hopes you’re proud of her

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110 points

Hold still so I can eat your face

Preview 6b417b45 75a1 47ed 81ad 2bce75084e8a

Let Me Eat

Preview dd10cd83 f9e9 4555 afd3 2c8c05597771
104 points

Who can relate this ?

Preview deaccc23 e49a 4675 bb08 84fde4a53095
91 points

Am I still a good boy ?

Preview bb088de7 97f3 4770 ba22 58cd54bb6a6b
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