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Thought you’d never ask

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23 points

This dog

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15 points

So in today’s news...

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18 points

Mother nature is truly beautiful

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67 points

You look stressed today. Have an owl with a baby owl on the side.

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80 points

Her name is Frida, she's found more than 50 people under collapsed buildings

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Cutest thing ever !

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Foxhole? no this is doggohole. see am doggo.

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17 points

What are the chances

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How fast a dog grows in 3 months...

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18 points

My wish for my next birthday

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18 points

Basic law of nature

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21 points

A puppy with a paw in his snout

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19 points

Its a heckin tripod squad!

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78 points

Couldn’t imagine life without her

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76 points

Just need some High Five

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14 points

Snuggle Buddies For Life

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24 points

Got it mid blink

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Icecream thief regrets nothing...

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17 points

Meet Barckley

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