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The Demascus goat breed is the Pug of the goat world.

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This guy snuck into a cow pasture and proceeded to harass cows for 20min, all while actively ignoring my calls.

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My dog welcoming me home from work. Best smile ever.

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Equal opportunity peeing

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He wasn’t a fan of the window film and I think he’s done with winter.

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Doggo knows..

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One Head, Two Bodies

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Sibling Rivalry

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My housemate just got his wedding photos back and this was easily the best one

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Snake About to Lay Into This Woman’s Hand

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My brother attempting to pick up our cat for the vet first time

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Hungry all the time

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I knew it was cool

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True love

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Searched for "ate mile", wasn't disappointed.

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Smart dog

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I saw the chew toy earlier and I raise you all this.

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Mickey? MICKEY?! NOOOOOO....

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