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Papers? I thought you said shred the bed? Instructions unclear.

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The greatest chew toy of all time.

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57 points

Pupper haz a buggo frend

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15 points

When you're being rough to you siblings, but mom suddenly walks in...

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21 points


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11 points

Judge them. judge them all

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13 points

New family member

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15 points

The dog became possessed again

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Tennis ball retriever

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Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he's "still under the influence."

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20 points

This is doggo

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10 points

Nice hat!

Preview 241d2f43 5f4c 4f51 9262 17975501ef38
67 points

When I have a migraine and he wants a walk

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Preview e76a6cb7 f2a2 414e 8538 ca65ca04d1c1
22 points

Oh ohhh!

Preview bbd604ba b91a 4e61 9506 1df30884dd62
24 points

When the construction workers who yelled at you finally leave fo the day

Preview aa7e0692 ce0e 42b5 8c68 6cef7475eec9

Can't walk away from these eyes

Preview ad161852 b62c 4843 a915 9b216cfc23b5
17 points

Not giving any fucks

Preview 2b4dc7d9 8da8 4365 ad52 5f6e3a163edb
18 points

They always ask “Who’s a good boy” but never “How’s the good boy”

Preview ecc862b3 cad8 4611 a57b c1cc4abbe5e1
24 points

Plot twist: Humans being jerks

Preview d0c94030 fe93 4d8e 97b5 93b410235bb3

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