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Firepower then vs. Now

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21 points

Is it really?

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23 points

I'm going to hell for these

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18 points

Helpful table

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21 points

Was browsing my public school kindergarten child's backpack, when WTF?

Preview 9e344a22 d55c 4f0e aa88 e6fc828c233e
18 points

Wood-Burned Tiki Axe

Preview a3e97702 ac0f 448f 9f98 817101f8be71
12 points

Cause they're dank af

Preview f95e76b2 b6f8 42fb aa05 ab82db38fb29
15 points

Which one had enough sleep?

Preview 6236f130 ef0d 4d4d 9968 bbbbb5e0993e
24 points


Preview c8d4462f 9c34 45b3 9c0f e56b8e716789
18 points

12 Bizarre Things Our Ancestors Did

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12 points

Fantasy inspired maps of some European countries

Preview ee512648 4b7a 40ed a49e 83e43de4526b
22 points

Wow.. Indians..

Preview df6b9d74 17f5 4e72 8716 421e8fcc88fd
17 points

Well, that's a bit too extreme

Preview 5abbec84 d355 470b 9d89 605bc5d8d61b
13 points

Mom spaghetti

Preview b54f0322 8839 423d 8788 1b7ff93bb8c1
14 points

When someone likes your random comment 58w ago

Preview 5188b879 3a23 4443 81a2 57d4b9f8ad8d
14 points

My daughter said that it spoke to her on a spiritual level.

Preview 1953f0a9 956c 4051 8892 6af1d2c662a7
15 points

Try to imagine this !

Preview d82f0aa9 b1f4 4401 b21b b762c8792968
5 points


Preview 701dc88a 963a 4a11 a679 68b817be7fdf
24 points

Primary school teacher illustrates funny conversations of everyday life in the classroom in comics

Preview 4572ced3 d245 4355 b70b 9d0e11c2ba89
24 points

Deep shit

Preview a4a61231 2024 40b6 bdf8 ca7beef1c9c3
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