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Wholesome graffitti

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71 points

Did I mention lists?

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70 points


Preview d2bd9918 e06d 4fe5 9474 c7a760b4abdc
63 points

Special needs teachers put this up today.

Preview 916ff6c1 6099 43e2 90af c34771631386
94 points

Saw this during my german class

Preview b96f0d24 ceae 4f12 a923 ca6cadaefbbb
118 points

I work at a Mexican restaurant in Virginia. Had to do a double take when I saw this sign and didn’t read the top part first.

Preview 9638cfab 3ec0 463a ad15 9e0df1c4e2e4
107 points

Church Notice

Preview d54ecdfb 09d1 45d8 9518 120b6c9cdf3e
108 points

Pure poetry.

Preview 1bed0062 3594 46f4 9a81 85e97b85adb4
94 points

We should never have let the French make our new passports

Preview 6370825a 67aa 423d b691 bac53aa17f44
103 points

This is that field

Preview fa06b310 a1a8 422d 9fd7 643ea9e4339e
72 points

Weird Old Pompeii wall painting

Preview 1b850362 27e1 4fa9 a9e6 2570e62b46ed
71 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

Preview 74cb534d 8c8f 40ab 92e3 4a3775bbf482
85 points

This kids got a bright future.

Preview 25746a56 28d6 49aa b851 6725deea0254
65 points


Preview 804af142 1942 4d35 8109 1e2085bbd577
89 points


Preview c0e7e287 2711 4f5b b3ae 8f577cbe2598
92 points

My daughter drew this during a boring class today...

Preview 21301628 b650 4459 a2a9 b5d02fc7eaec
89 points

Remodeling my Grandfather's basement and found this... he's still yelling at us from the grave.

Preview 7c30f50f 21dc 4c79 83de 07253314926d
63 points

No Ass/Face Sandwiches With Your Boys On The Tokyo Metro

Preview f875ca0a ee6d 4aaa 9487 39afb9dc05e5
63 points

Found this at a garage sale

Preview f1dcd0e2 0f59 49e7 9115 dcc500496532
63 points

Found these instructions next to the fur rugs in Ikea Glasgow

Preview 97e24bbe 3f37 43f3 b9d5 9e035d9cc23e
79 points

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