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Found these instructions next to the fur rugs in Ikea Glasgow

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69 points


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59 points

Alex is the hero we need

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60 points

A wild teenager appears

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87 points

At a local hamburger restaurant...

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81 points

See me after class

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87 points

My friend made an action figure of his dad with packaging and everything and gave it to him for Christmas

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88 points

Eat your broccoli!

Preview b16269e9 0ca9 4818 8fea 13547b59d145
96 points

Fight the power, Bill.

Preview e382a6e3 2aee 431e aafd ac3f2ebd9929
98 points

We have a 6 week old baby, our neighbours knew we were having a little trouble getting her to sleep!! They made us this great little cross stitch

Preview 466b5ba5 2db2 4e29 b3d6 9a8a7603b1b6
97 points

Sounds like a fun place to work

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105 points

Don't we all

Preview 7f832c66 50a8 43c6 8497 1619ee2ae5b2
107 points

Found at a gas station in my city

Preview 4637cf18 40ed 4e3c 9391 22e33eda34a5
72 points

My Dad had a heart attack 2 weeks ago.. My sister made him this for Christmas..

Preview bf798d88 304f 4b69 897e 21049840c4ec
70 points

My Fiancé is a 3rd Grade teacher and has to explain these words to her kids everyday

Preview 39bf9185 2a16 4b49 96d5 778bbc622cf7
87 points

The good, the bad, and the impaired

Preview 9423cbe2 105d 4f7a b406 cba47505ff25
83 points

Beautiful Radio

Preview eed192ca e674 45a0 9a6a 529b7e60b15b
72 points

My grandpa has the same christmas tree for 73 years

Preview 658f746b b96c 4a94 a992 9708699bd6a4
79 points

When Mom comes over to visit.

Preview 4fdd0c82 93a6 46aa 9fcc 1bbc0ee7e908
61 points


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