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Never forget what u are fighting for

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Real Italians

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Never forget about it "otakus"

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Holstered Attack Dogs.

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Volvo is love, Volvo is life

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The ULTIMATE battle of katana vs flammenwerfer vs guns... (a lot of them)

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Only 40's kids will remeber

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I present you: The Dutch army getting ready to fight off the Nazies (didn't go very well)

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I'm half English, I can post this.

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Guess the country

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This Kid Plays An Astounding Assault Trombone Made From Rifle, Garden Sprayer And Brass Horn

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No butterfly knives?

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Getting THE Job at SAMSUNG...

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Swole for the win! except katana and bruce lee

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Just Serbian antiterror unit

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Glad trump won

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The agony of choice

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