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but wait, there's more!!

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I am going to Hell for this😂

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Cheers to the philippine special units!! we defeated ISIS!

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The French are amazing

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Come on, u can do it!

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Now it all makes sense.

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Yes, yours

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Uploading a WW2 Photography everyday #72 Indian volunteer machine gunner of the Indische Legion of the German Wehrmacht preparing for the allied assault at Normandy.

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Googled Solid Snape by mistake

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Religion of peace

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Doggos helping earthquake victims

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Top 10

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Two North Korean soldiers kissing and smiling caught on a South Korean Camera. DMZ, Korea, 2013.

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This came up when I searched "excessive force" in the images category

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The hero we need..

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It's good to be the king of Sweden.

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Didn't know rockets did that

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This revolver.

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