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The Columbia River Gorge in Oregon is amazing. After 8 different waterfalls I stumbled upon Oregon's largest: Multnomah Falls.

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Stevie Ray Vaughn statue appears to be walking on water in Texas Flood.

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The best photo I've ever taken with my smartphone

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Oh the irony....

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Found a dead cow in our pond today. We did not have a cow.

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Rocky Creek Canyon, Blue Mountains, Australia.

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This used to be the I-45 freeway in Houston until Hurricane Harvey came along

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Făgăraș mountains

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My friend is an amateur photographer. Please show him some love.

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Cloud dog howling for the moon to come out

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This waterfall located in Romania.

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Love birds

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Life Goals

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This deer

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Making A Houseboat With Cardboards And It Works!

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Old video, but sphincter-tightening none the less


Almost lunch... photographer didn't notice this till she got home.

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A foggy, but beautiful morning walk.

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That last step is a bit tricky

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Someone has their priorities sorted out...

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