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SQUARK!! Good morning to you too!!

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Because Jesus already did walking on water

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Much better

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73 points

A cold beer and this view, what else do you need

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Kentucky October

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Ever tried to get a bluey to sit still for a photo?

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Welcome to the Santasy

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8 points

Look at all these flagrant lawbreakers.

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Having Food

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Centaurs: Problematic

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21 points

Great piece of art in my city

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12 points

Fall in West Virginia

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24 points

The sky is falling

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20 points

Yesterday I hiked to a small lake, elected the "most beautiful place in Switzerland"

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Woke up to a fish kill in the back yard.

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82 points

Graubünden, Switzerland

Preview 75f2def9 47d1 405b 84a3 5d4c8ccbd326

Rhododendronpark, Germany

Preview 8ae79e73 8751 4278 9ea4 c9ba1e05ac98

The Hungarian Parliament Building. worth getting yelled at by the construction site security to get this shot

Preview 538aa397 185d 44f0 9bb4 d447d8285392
19 points

Near death experiences and close calls


Incredible photo of a lighting strike over a Hudson River - New York

Preview 3c108737 53e9 4604 831f 85661f2fc165
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