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Scotland showing support for England's first match

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126 points

19 year old coworker drove Power Wheels to work. That’s a car battery on the hood.

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119 points

I didn’t even know he was in town! So excited

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129 points

Don't be a dick when parking

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117 points

“They see me Roman...they hatin’”

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110 points

Don't drink and drive, guys....

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91 points

At the time my girlfriend didn't know why i wanted my photo taken on this side of the bridge.

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101 points

Yeah some people think so

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75 points

I pull off the road from my house, and this guy is "riding" in a canoe on top of a car

Preview 0c5db22c 6688 4164 956e e3d1f231dc0b
87 points

On the way home today... Wasn't worried though, he had his hazards on.

Preview 0c57925f c402 4a2c a7a2 f40afcdae076
92 points

Laws are made to be broken

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111 points

He had to adjust his "viewing flap" for a few minutes before he could make the right on red.

Preview 8e797c52 3594 4a61 81ea 1a524bba8aba
90 points

I'm guessing he tells people "My Volvo is built like a tank..."

Preview b9b565d3 56fa 4c24 bc9f 18b7f41c9492
97 points

Puddin' Time?

Preview d50a28e9 16ef 4697 803d a3ab0cfd0e16
68 points

What a shitty car

Preview 5a67b446 ab30 4027 b871 165c1232bbd1
102 points

Party in the front, function and utility in the back.

Preview bef775e5 7ce1 467f 8e84 9d0929acbf88
70 points

When you didn't think you were gonna see a bridge but then you see a bridge

Preview 948c2e70 a6b1 4b82 872a 08093f311490
63 points

Meanwhile in Hollywood

Preview f00e19f8 0997 484c bd49 d7ebde5e214a
67 points

The new Back To The Future trailer has just been released.

Preview d8c7f512 2349 42b7 9da4 172a59f9df1e
60 points

I guess I’ll just park somewhere else...

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