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Capitalism meets sarcasm

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53 points

She's got legs

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148 points

We take being pulled over seriously here in Canada

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324 points

A mail truck, towing a mail truck, while a mail truck passes going the other way

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130 points

This handicapped handyman and his ladder

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Respect my authority

Preview ca1f3a6f 8a96 4b37 966a 82075ca4daf5
127 points

Now what?

Preview 8e9c7549 1261 40ed 9997 7590b4df2a85

Its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru...

Preview db871770 9bb7 4577 846b 1de1cc08da93
134 points

Die and ride

Preview 0961f10e 9fe5 4682 b4ba 5b4b59245957
100 points

When you are sick and tired of the city not fixing your pot hole, just plant a tree in it 🙌🏼

Preview 84f95c7b 8cf8 41b9 84d3 0ba3b7126105
110 points

Knock knock

Preview acd4a333 ee0f 4fe4 bcf0 f6dcdfc75e3c
108 points

Jesus is watching....what?

Preview b2290bad ad6b 4b6f 9cf0 9c72bafe1fb0
124 points

Always give 100%

Preview b2f94f15 f35d 4f99 a0bf 9b0741923f04
146 points

Scotland showing support for England's first match

Preview c916f6a9 38a1 4ac1 8b91 7b6760a89443
183 points

19 year old coworker drove Power Wheels to work. That’s a car battery on the hood.

Preview d0baebfc 1896 4597 947b 126d698a0351
141 points

I didn’t even know he was in town! So excited

Preview 6675ed44 31a5 4da2 bd5a 72e07b5e68e9
141 points

Don't be a dick when parking

Preview 1950a88a 5b74 4368 8911 89ba431f72b2
129 points

“They see me Roman...they hatin’”

Preview 854b69eb 57a6 45cb 8c19 e196f8b73032
123 points

Don't drink and drive, guys....

Preview b2b78bfc d5b7 4a03 bd82 f8895d6c508c
102 points

At the time my girlfriend didn't know why i wanted my photo taken on this side of the bridge.

Preview 5b9898ac c784 40c6 85ed 364fc4df017d
109 points

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