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Somebody explain this...

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Seatle was a kinda windy last night.

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Ironworkers standing together for a pic 1,099 feet in the air!

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Bus or Boat? After two days rain, Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh.

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17 points

My girlfriend saw this "Prius" on her commute yesterday.

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Guess I have a new neighbor...

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My sister got to decide the CVS sign today

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One car pic a day #5

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At least it did not say Child Slayer.

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Well, I guess I'm going to Cleburne...

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What about the place where you live?

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Just another day in San Francisco

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Saw this lonely man on my way to work

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80 points

66 Corvette sting ray

Preview 41909304 5173 4eeb b886 2a69185796f2
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No! Get out!

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Oh god

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Introducing Redneck/'Merica Enthymeme

Preview e081e13d c799 479d 85d4 d030091aca3f

A school bus in Beirut.

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