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Some true words if I may say so myself

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3 points

When life shuts a door...

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3 points

Subway's pretty passive aggressive

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1 points

Evening after the rain in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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5 points

This makes me strangely happy

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3 points

This bee looks suspicious

Preview d80dd5a5 072c 43a5 8c5d f43b2fdc2812
8 points

The amazon warehouse security checkpoint is an open box

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14 points

Call of Duty Modern Woofare

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11 points

The mayfly hatch in central Wisconsin

Preview 34c32a76 e90c 4890 9f3a a8b8e2834198
37 points

Murica on one picture (the gun is surely inside)

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Spider-Man clocking cars on my commute this morning.

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12 points

Practice makes perfect

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12 points

They risk they're lives for us and then this??? wtf.

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11 points

Car faces, cannot unsee

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11 points

Damn. I was going to hike thousands of feet to the top of the mountain to hang glide, but I guess I won't now.

Preview b2a2e30c 350f 4a8e a468 18911e1ff08c

I like carlos

Preview 81332c41 cccc 42c7 83ab d6e0ce7da918
8 points

Spider-Man clocking cars on my commute this morning.

Preview 7525e8ea dd15 449f 8bd2 e6901e8a655b
8 points

Why is everything about farts in denmark...

Preview a4250245 b819 4821 9b8c 66d4afad60d8
12 points

Has Slavic engineering gone too far?

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7 points


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