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Kill dumb mot*******rs

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Old School Creep

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The future of robots


The difference

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When your mom asked why you keep stealing her makeup

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Lego Bunny

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The new arc of evolution

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3 stages of growing up

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When you wanna go to toilet so bad but you are on duty..

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So whatcha gonna do with that cinder block, little robot?


Dont come to the hotel tomorrow

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36 Amazing Facts About the 36 Genders



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Awesome LEGO Bionicle Robot Band Plays Kraftwerk’s "The Robots" And Daft Punk’s "Da Funk"

10 points

Nicely Done LEGO Printer Is Amazing

227 points

New Chinese Gladiator Robot "The Monkey King" To Challenge The US "Megabot"

306 points

Adam Savage Goes Incognito As Chewbacca And C-3PO! To Surprise Fans At Silicon Valley Comic Con


This App That Launches A Robot To Feed The Baby Will Make You Laugh To Tears

341 points

Boston Dynamics Unveils New Wheel-Leg Robot "Handle" Which Can Do Parkour Better Than You

197 points

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