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Where Atlantic Meets Caribbean. Glass Window Eleuthera, Bahamas

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12 points

Well, it does make me thirsty

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15 points

The clifftop Lake Sørvágsvatn sits just above the ocean

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11 points

"The Giant's Desk and Chair" Donegal, Ireland

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13 points

That last step is a bit tricky

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Seals getting their exfoliation on

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13 points

Not just the men

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10 points

Otherworldly Waterfall you can find in Romania (Bigar Waterfall)

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13 points

Great Spot

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12 points

Natures inception.. my minecraft senses are tingling..

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14 points

Cold shower

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To the guy who posted Japanese Temple. I raise you this. Kailash Temple, cut from single mountain.

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86 points

2 birds forming a love heart

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Meanwhile a Hailstone in İstanbul.

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42 points

When no one is around, sometimes you have to put your camera on a rock to take a selfie

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57 points

Gobi desert

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What a gorgeous voice


This is one of the most beautiful places on earth... Lavertazzo, Switzerland

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68 points

8Booth is back. Seems like his feet healed well.


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