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Transparent Water and the Pro-Photography

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18 points

My office view today

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18 points

Skaftafell, Iceland

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13 points

Total mind Melt.

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71 points

Take a picture on the edge of the cliff with a self timer.

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Was Googling pictures of Catalonia when I spotted this camouflaged Spaniard spy.

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18 points

Dangling my feet over Lauterbrunnen valley.

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Human for scale center right.

Preview 4d19810b 1ecc 49ec 8b0b 080f5f166b85
57 points

Born to Climb Mountains (actually just rotten tree stumps...but still....)

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19 points

A step between mountains - Mt Stapylton to Hollow Mt, Grampians, Victoria, Australia

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Just came back from Norway. What an epic country.

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12 points

Comeback is real

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It's my dog's birthday today. Here he is reflecting back on his 15 years of life.

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92 points

I'm really happy with how this turned out. Photography is dope.

Preview 29bc7aed 9018 4460 a969 fa3eb5e94eee
18 points

Isle of Skye

Preview 88cc9a51 7a57 4af5 9d51 500b978e306e
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Preview 48a40c87 b299 43dc adb3 5472c85d110f

The swiss alps

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15 points

Greetings back to Norway from Australia, Mate....

Preview 7313ee80 901f 4020 b560 e0d7a98a8503

The crack in the ground looks like a paw print

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