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191 points

Hit it dawg!

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134 points

A desperate family turns to cannibalism

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158 points

A startled cat.

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83 points

I didn't know if to call the police or animal control

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Left my glasses on HER counter while trying to have a bath....

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eating from our kittens bowl in a bar of rebellion against a new cat in the household

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I love you too :)

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You don’t need to breathe right? So it’s fine if I sit here.

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The God of carrots

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109 points

Carp in a tree after a flood

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95 points

I too was bitten by a squirrel friend just yesterday.

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124 points

That's gonna leave a stain

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107 points

Took a photo at the exact moment my boyfriend was bitten by his squirrel friend.

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152 points

Don't boop this floof...

Preview d7af804d b659 446f bbd5 79e6192badec

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

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Right after falling

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129 points

Pet goals.

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