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"You asked I delivered, here's one of my rat pencil cases... in use"

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59 points


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93 points


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34 points

Expectations Vs Reality

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Only acceptable use of the selfie stick.

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84 points

Uhmm, wtf?

Preview 66e0d0c7 f499 4d32 bd3e 6af360b0e89b
82 points

Right in the feels..

Preview e492236f 4515 4e9a 9f97 a355fc410b00
76 points

"Nobody understands our love!"

Preview 8894f8eb b286 4806 b4fc 34a06f7942c5
56 points

Snow day for Doge

Preview d78e8052 3977 4457 a278 95b4433598a4

Raccoon Smith from Toronto, Canada will be missed ....

Preview a5b737ab 951b 42cd ba03 5cafd1763f90
48 points

Why Lil Meow gotta do this...

Preview 78f916a3 948f 410e b7df e10d8cadda87

love is blind

Preview b4b96e72 c51a 481a a530 983f22d4f028
41 points

Hilarious kittens fight

Preview be1def93 4cd0 4d54 88b3 02022c2fa014
47 points

He is not impressed

Preview 28eee697 76a8 43bc b334 f892139020c2
64 points

My cat doesn't like homework either...

Preview 7f949657 d232 4e91 ac0a ad80dac11a8c

These big birb babies enjoy a bit of a shower on a 40+ Celsius day, and I enjoy showering them

Preview 443416db f09b 473d 9a98 3d834bc7f5d0
92 points

I vant to play vith vooooooo

Preview 82da96d7 6d51 46cf a5c9 d93de9ca5fc2
97 points

The itchy squirrel in action.

Preview a0ea0104 9053 4529 a3fc b7850e0ba945

Yea stop

Preview 84078ca8 1d4f 4633 adac 6893c398d2ee
91 points

Perfect day to do many things, like sleeping for example.

Preview e2d23f0a a20c 4b7c 884e 4293e998a370

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