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You don’t need to breathe right? So it’s fine if I sit here.

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The God of carrots

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91 points

Carp in a tree after a flood

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I too was bitten by a squirrel friend just yesterday.

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102 points

That's gonna leave a stain

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Took a photo at the exact moment my boyfriend was bitten by his squirrel friend.

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104 points

Don't boop this floof...

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Right after falling

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Pet goals.

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85 points

Sammy and Boxer like Snuggling

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Squirrels really are thieving jerks. This one would always steal our tomatoes shortly before turning ripe.

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My bread served inside roadkill.

Preview be549779 ba9a 4fd3 a94d 92ce49491a8e
80 points

Capybara: You've got to be kidding me

Preview 7575864b 7cdf 48e6 b7eb 701a2dc63e7a

Montreal squirrel steals go-pro, amazing escape captured on video...


"You asked I delivered, here's one of my rat pencil cases... in use"

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82 points


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42 points

Expectations Vs Reality

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