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A friend got engaged and it looks like she’s wearing a hat

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120 points

Sorry for cancer

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114 points

Row row row row row ur hoe hoe hoe

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57 points

When the erotic dice game doesn’t go quite as planned

Preview 075439c7 6a75 4dc2 a87a afc4dd331b0d
100 points

After they broke up she removed him out of the picture and photo-shopped a tree instead

Preview d1cdf37b c438 413f b1ec 8bbe72d7dc9e
137 points

The hearts I want

Preview e4654222 04b0 4fc1 a2ed d97210586d60
143 points

Love calculator prank 2017

Preview 04ec2eed 3e19 4875 a641 520b04df1151
71 points

The new toy story looks amazing

Preview 10586924 7daf 456b a3e5 0625288ce50d
86 points

Im just gonna post this here

Preview 061ef6a0 465e 48b9 9eac eb4be1cd67d5
99 points

Old dankness

Preview fb1a7df2 d9eb 40f2 8937 754daba2257b
49 points

Thanks dad

Preview adadb7ce 37f5 4122 bee9 d14005f9e0d0
164 points

family planing by Indian government

Preview 069dc44f 5888 49a0 85ce 048067cd9ca2

My wife bought this Rainbow rose!

Preview 455f8e48 77fd 4030 84dc 91226b489b6f
22 points

Childish Gambino!!

Preview 30080c3a e697 4f53 92e9 dafa5755fb61

What a gentleman!

Preview abfb9ecc a787 4153 b360 3c34af706770
24 points

Take off...

Preview b8d17f15 63ce 47d2 820d 5625b6159a07
168 points

Emma's a b*tch anyway.

Preview f94cd163 7d34 4c1e b485 aaa8155ff458
64 points

Ur daddy AF

Preview a6ccfb58 7a13 44c6 8d19 be90fdc62a80
68 points

Okay then

Preview f8226d0d 1460 4b10 b308 b777f9828913
24 points

Why is this so true..

Preview cc678577 c740 40af b938 fae362142ca6
16 points

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