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A Public Library in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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22 points

Impossibly charming French Chateau Potting Shed - Cass Lake, MI

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52 points

I see your Washington, DC Union Station and raise you our Toronto, ON Union Station

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60 points

Candy shop with creepy life-sized dolls all around the edge of the roof

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57 points

These skateboarders.


The pinnacle of human evolution.....

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54 points

My 8yr old son said that this was, 'A big honking meeting.'

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79 points

Light shines through the windows of a beautiful church in England by LF Salzman

Preview ab1a3f71 a4da 48fe 9f46 7f62ef060faf
78 points

When your neighbours start talking about you.

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22 points

I found the road where they test the line drawer machine

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23 points

...too late?

Preview 3bb824ce 755b 4de7 9fe9 a63335c50f7a

Beware of the NUT.

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20 points

Anyone else into goth style rooms?

Preview 2fa943a7 1bb1 49a8 802e 64b2f54bbb5e
35 points

Perhaps the best picture my phone will ever take! Thunderstorms in New Jersey, beautiful but deadly!

Preview 1d46fcbc 3867 498f ac51 18fe123bbd0a

My dream home

Preview 7befcb4f 0202 4c21 b301 99d758bb3b3a
79 points

Shadows of leaves during the eclipse

Preview a2b85b3d 8cbf 420e a8da 6ba9249ea68a
78 points

Near death experiences and close calls


That's a lotta tree frogs..

Preview 0fd0fbba 7629 47b0 a38d 0563f7610ce0
77 points


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30 points

When your neighbours start talking about you.

Preview 61aa7eb3 e52b 4615 90df 18be73be6e92
68 points

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