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This designer kitchen

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21 points

Bright reading area features wooden herringbone floors in this townhouse in Brooklyn.

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21 points

Eclectically styled kitchen in Stockholm

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67 points

Have you ever wondered how 9GAG HQ looks like?

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78 points

Buddy bathroom

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14 points

It's modest, but it's mine. Cozy and minimal living room.

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18 points

Jackson doesn't like tree trimmers.

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18 points

Contemporary kitchen design with dark ceramic tile floors and glass walls in this home in Escazu, Costa Rica.

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19 points

A Living Room Inspired By Stranger Things

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19 points

Modern bedroom opens onto private pool area through folding glass doors in this home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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13 points

A modern attic space kitchen with a dining area and a living room in El Cabanyal Valencia, Spain

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12 points

Glass and Steel

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15 points

New apartment here in Pilsen, Chicago!

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15 points

Brick, glass and huge windows frame the living area of a SoHo, NY loft.

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16 points

Industrial loft, kitchen

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17 points

Black White ART,modern rooms NEW YORK 736*603

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68 points

An apartment built in 1885, Helsinki, Finland

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13 points

Blue Jay Residence in Hollywood Hills with sensational view of downtown LA and the ocean

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14 points

Kitchen with exposed joists, a large cooking island, and a wood-burning fireplace in this villa in Kiev, Ukraine.

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19 points

20-something millennial living room on a 25k yearly salary living in one of the most expensive cities in TX

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23 points

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