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Tv room, BCS

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9 points

Apartment with amazing wooden ceiling and concreate floor, Finland.

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13 points

Spacious mid-century living room in Cape Town | by SAOTA

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37 points

Airy modern living room with tall ceilings overlooking the surrounding trees and Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada Mountains

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22 points

"You can't tell me what to do human"

Preview d8a53473 41c3 4139 9cab 9c567d0f03f8

Another reason why I'm not sure my in laws like me. My stocking is not only separate from theirs, it is on the other side of the furniture.

Preview b5feebfc 23c2 43d6 ae55 aa59ae017afb
46 points

I didn't know male restrooms can be so awkward

Preview b3f7425c 5bd4 4682 a2c0 3f8e02925f93
40 points

Triple bed, London

Preview 03252c5e 8632 4e45 94df 4c6ced7ebdf5
60 points

Miami penthouse with very tall ceiling

Preview de7d33e9 b53c 49c4 ba41 a8ff153fdc45
51 points

Kitchen and BBQ area, Brazil

Preview 5678a3c1 f6e8 452c 989a c1db42f87af0
24 points

Stunning home theatre room in Long Island, NY.

Preview ab17ab66 acf0 46ef 9fbe bed87da48929
58 points

Typical scandinavian design at the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm

Preview e748afa1 4eb3 4b9d b466 ed7fa86edca7
22 points

House in Hollywood Hills, California

Preview 76bb8766 06f9 42ec a34e 429a38aea1af
19 points

Cozy open-concept guest home with panoramic forest views. New York.

Preview b0ff5e86 5968 4ecf 994a 63ef35a1ffe5
68 points

To restore Mana

Preview 4136a94c b3cc 47de a5c2 e019808992f8
74 points

Dining area and kitchen are separated from the living area by brick arches in this apartment in Tribeca, NYC.

Preview 2ee61ac6 5d6e 437c b11b 6a778390e142
51 points

Living and dining area of Oak Residence in Quebec City

Preview 362354b3 dd1f 4320 ab52 feca6c78fc05
23 points

Cipollino marble with blue-green veining in the master bath of this Manhattan townhouse

Preview 92ec3453 82ae 4116 af03 7e308ede1ad7
59 points

“...A place where technology and nature beautifully coalesce” La Jolla, California

Preview af56bdb3 05c5 4618 a98b cf6b5c342fca
61 points

Sitting room and kitchen of Surrey home, England

Preview 062c510a 8085 42aa 990a 2a718047613d
53 points

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