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Just when you thought it was over

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8 points

A camp home in California

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9 points

Cigar & Whisky Lounge In Santa Barbara French Country Estate

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14 points


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14 points

F**k, Steven! Can't you knock!

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16 points

Nice balance of indoor outdoor on this relaxing and simple living room in Alibagh, India

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169 points

Cozy Dining Room In Hope Ranch, CA

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9 points

Simply modern kitchen at the Ritz-Carlton in Downtown Los Angeles.

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7 points

Spacious kitchen sits beneath a sleeping loft in this home in Vermont which was modeled after a barn.

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12 points

Got a call from the neighbors that a smell was coming from my rental. I walked and was covered in fleas immediately and saw this.

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142 points

My Pantry

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Therapy dogs patiently waiting for their children

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129 points

Oldest French Flag Captured On A Ship In 1800.

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18 points

When you go to leave the house and reach for the light switch but something doesn't feel right

Preview 765631c2 9102 4137 a41c c00b914c9f30

My cat enjoying her new bed

Preview b81e7278 4348 42f2 b622 e05e87872951

Agree, but I won't come if you whistle me

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20 points

PPhone SE: Strawberry Edition

Preview 50ef2187 5e96 4614 9018 8bd585464745

When programming twists you!

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13 points

My vintage LEGO collection (1984-1992)

Preview f72eee98 b350 4bc1 80aa 7446052e8674
9 points

To the guy with the 30 kg collection. eat bananas

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