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My Fiancé is a 3rd Grade teacher and has to explain these words to her kids everyday

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76 points

Michelle, you wanna discuss something...?

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Mitosis hiding in a Hickory pile

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My wife got me a new cutting board!

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80 points

Vertical Cliffs

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Was kind of hoping for a fortune, but that works too.

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23 points


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94 points

Remodeling the bathroom, thousand razors poured out of the wall

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64 points


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76 points


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24 points

Whenever I see GoT related memes

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60 points

Earliest human footprints made 1.5 million years ago found in Kenya

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20 points

Early Christmas present

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95 points

Google "Mountain Chicken"

Preview 90fd76b6 e36c 45ef bca9 45ca55b1d437

Yeah, this happened.

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21 points

My dog carries multiple pieces of his food to the rug to eat when he’s ready. Inevitably I end up stepping on it. It feels similar to stepping on little rocks

Preview 01e780e5 30be 4565 b738 1d01fa5b1b41

This water spot looks like a rabbit blowing a bubble away.

Preview 25a2e6cc 7b9d 4185 8116 6bff9469582b
68 points

We had a sudden burst of rain.

Preview abd600a6 ffe8 40d4 902a a23d29cd0c1c
69 points

Help get this prank to a new level.

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141 points

Women are so complex

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