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Give up

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105 points

Nice to meet you Mat.

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62 points

Something’s making all these fish die in Pymatuning lake.

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46 points

This couples funny tombstones.

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104 points

Nope nope nope.....nope nope

Preview 54379f76 aa51 49c5 88e2 85cdbeed029b
78 points

My cat does this a lot

Preview 3fed763a 804f 4ffa 9efb ac1504163e25

Fight the power, Bill.

Preview e382a6e3 2aee 431e aafd ac3f2ebd9929
100 points

Snake just wanted to play

Preview eeb71523 2435 4f7f a9f6 6decec7c9675

That doesn't seem safe....

Preview b151b4f8 9a66 4153 8592 ee42e9532dc1

My Fiancé is a 3rd Grade teacher and has to explain these words to her kids everyday

Preview 39bf9185 2a16 4b49 96d5 778bbc622cf7
89 points

Michelle, you wanna discuss something...?

Preview cfb2c755 ecea 4f45 80b7 6ab2abb185e0

Mitosis hiding in a Hickory pile

Preview 61a0c5c9 52ed 4f40 8caa d3296e8c4f9d

My wife got me a new cutting board!

Preview 467642b2 403b 4472 9950 9967dc015f4f
85 points

Vertical Cliffs

Preview 147d7a87 fe75 4568 bde2 ab36821313fd

Was kind of hoping for a fortune, but that works too.

Preview 6d7d0df2 a137 406a 9161 084be03338ab
62 points


Preview c71f051d b392 4b73 8beb 536e9af07aa8
103 points

Remodeling the bathroom, thousand razors poured out of the wall

Preview 9b6d5cb1 696f 4fa5 9d1d 0399b000e7b1
69 points


Preview 4a6abb54 f0f3 42c8 9c4b 947e81d516f4
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Preview 2faaa1ba cfbf 4182 9d54 d72793263471
69 points

Whenever I see GoT related memes

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