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Adults deserve stickers too!

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119 points

Passing time

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110 points

Honest Target Slogan

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70 points

I made this chart to explain why I can't stand one of my wife's friends.

Preview e0347819 ebfe 4f03 b0a0 dff708363756
159 points

The underside of Jupiter

Preview 49c8ab7e edd9 4ebd b4cd b02f01928ce5
124 points

If validation in adulthood was the same as childhood

Preview ab18e7d0 0801 4c73 9006 f29a7ed0ff91
298 points

The hero Hollywood needs right now, but not the one it deserves

Preview ab8bbf72 74cf 47cd a86d 9199732af042
64 points

It's like a Shotgun un the middle of the night

Preview 93f61279 7e96 402d 8a48 fee6808127ff
98 points

When your tire and then the donut blows on the same day...

Preview 9da9568a 6996 42b8 a0f6 17092213c4ca
134 points

Eating circles

Preview 15950a90 17ad 418d b43c 8ccf70c0aa80
78 points

Sometimes it feels like passwords exist just to keep me out of my own accounts.

Preview f6ef2cff a1d3 419e 8812 92731f2bb908
121 points

Inside a Flute.

Preview a43e2664 443d 4dda 9223 a2031b1f0df6
86 points

Got an Isacc Newton Fifty Pence

Preview a2480c16 7eef 418c b041 8ad86d80801e
100 points


Preview b5f2bbbf eae7 4c77 a012 397ef69c0117


Preview f0f484c5 e542 4aa7 9127 7ca92ee412a7
133 points

Are they ?

Preview c468520a fba8 473c ac43 470adbb5f756
88 points

What a surprise!

Preview a507262f 4e93 4ad8 bcf8 5e2fe75ac049
62 points

Oh boy

Preview 1f9fb12e 0171 4059 9f73 b826240184a3
93 points

My sister created this 60cmx60cm piece using only a pen. Thoughts?

Preview 12371eba 8f55 48c7 b6ec 71ca61ca9d1d
19 points

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