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Azure blue indoor pool at hearst castle.

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22 points

How to perpetuate your ghost

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23 points

Cold, dark blue bedroom with touches of silver. Simple but relaxing scandanavian luxury in Karlshamn, Sweden.

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95 points

Traditional Andalusian architecture with relaxing spaces in Cadiz, Spain

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12 points

Cozy and colourful Finnish retro home

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15 points

My new room with textured wallpaper and olde style tap lights

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16 points

Perfect Room For Sunday Dinner

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15 points

Narrow Living Room

Preview 623c8b7c 97be 419e bc10 a9c9606cc03e
10 points

Contemporary living/kitchen in Stockholm

Preview 88efdc27 6bfc 4d6e a7e4 f0ae893291c7
14 points

Steve Wozniak's Sterile Los Gatos Living Room.

Preview 5fa1cff3 5b31 4047 80cb 6a09fb1981b8
17 points

Warm and open living room in Lago Sul, Brazil

Preview a5c416eb f73c 4dc8 b18f 129f340d6cd1
1 points

Bedroom in a 1978 house constructed out of reclaimed timber and outfitted with various repurposed ship materials in Bainbridge Island, Seattle.

Preview 9a81a51d 8a8c 4409 9f5a c2f0916c51a3
23 points

Loft in The W Los Angeles

Preview 405090cd 518e 4e9f b7c6 2913c8365cf4
17 points


Preview 4c3c94a0 e24c 481a bdc9 f439061b7d75
17 points

My type of place

Preview 6a9bd9cc f27e 4112 8d38 1ef270314d14
20 points

Cosy hotel room in Paris, designed by Jacques Garcia.

Preview f8c25530 874d 444e ac64 d0499dc096a4
17 points

Santa Monica Canyon Spanish bungalow [2048 x 1365}

Preview df163d14 2e0b 45de a997 5ecdf67def9d
11 points

Cozy minimalist bedroom in the Sugarbowl Residence

Preview edbe9b59 527a 4f56 8eb4 54e14550e969
10 points

Simple New Zealand Bach

Preview 3eb9ca10 8ae5 44ae a176 a8a50b8800e2
1 points

Bachelor pad in Richmond, VA

Preview c2f52f47 0945 4030 b2bc a4cc8c5c1843
19 points

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