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Meticulously maintained interior of Istanbul mansion on the Bosphorus

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63 points

Mid-Century inspired house in Palm Springs, CA, by Scrafano Architects

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62 points

Bedroom with vaulted ceilings in a Utah home.

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62 points

my work :inspired by moroccan heritage

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60 points

Elegant sitting area receives plenty of light via floor-to-ceiling steel-framed windows in this penthouse on the Upper East Side, NYC.

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181 points

Ultimate sleep-over set up in a Yellowstone Club mansion.

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58 points

Underwater Suite at the Atlantis, Dubai

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58 points

Livingroom of a NYC brownstone

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46 points

Chic living area in this Tribeca, NY loft

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55 points

Minimal Scandinavian Style Home in Northern Minnesota. Open Kitchen.

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66 points

Cozy Room in Mountain Home in California

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22 points

Elegant Condo with Views of Manhattan Skyline.

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52 points

Bedroom with view at Budapest

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59 points

Last one, one of the many bedrooms of the apartmet

Preview 5bc880b2 e7a7 4b26 a32c 3cee4e682013
37 points

Loft in a converted timber warehouse in London

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40 points

Modern living room overlooking the mountains in Park City, Utah

Preview 7e608c8e bbe2 434b a399 1ed29f034652
21 points

I had to take some pictures of a house that was for rent, the main bedroom. This is in Mallorca, Spain

Preview 7ed5d145 5d8b 45f7 8f9b e7cc3b6e8781
40 points

Upper level of a used book store

Preview b5320995 fc56 41dd 9d34 264e7a9e6ca6
52 points

A few pictures of my parent’s sitting area.

Preview 38c8fbf4 f910 4dc3 aec7 4818be1cbbc3
67 points

Bedroom features a half-moon window cut into the roof line and a sliding barn door leading to the bathroom in this home in Newport Beach, California.

Preview 237e828f 5664 4d73 a2c5 37068b1d32f3
52 points

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