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A tired cow

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63 points

Meeting the big dogs

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37 points

Christian Bale

Preview eba53784 a928 47f4 a3d6 6f122838a572
21 points

This giant mutant sweet-potato that my mom and grandma grew.

Preview 8ff04ce5 bec4 4fd3 b332 680addb7a22d
16 points

Mama cow picked a rather rude place to relieve herself.

Preview 04b29dda ba39 4eae bc2a 79004a25d498

Sunset reflecting off the rails

Preview 100a96fb cf85 47d8 be07 c0df2a89d421
13 points

Happy cow and rainbow.

Preview cec72a23 0913 4b9e 9d5d 4463cf2418c1
9 points

Birb flew right into frame as I was taking a live shot...

Preview f313ec4f 3646 4a02 bc47 e0d885459c41

Existence is pain!

Preview 47a47cf7 c065 4128 8a53 cfd0aaabef20
23 points

Now l know where cappuccinos come from.

Preview ae64841a bebe 4d73 8cd8 344e015b4d09
24 points


Preview 20576685 ad60 42af bfb8 834901487169
24 points

One of the most peaceful photos I've taken

Preview 334fadfe e6fe 4a05 b38f 3dd6eca6bb3b
21 points

High Protein Hay Bale

Preview 3499b093 ecf1 47d4 b38b 5be2d9b01565
18 points

Not mine

Preview 2956ed36 e235 4d8a ac60 0cab38e50e7a
24 points

Lovely ponytail.

Preview fb0e88f0 f120 4e8b b01a b592776ea0f0
20 points

Have you ever seen a more satanic looking animal?

Preview 18fe8c34 311d 4ca8 a84d 43cfaec7e3fe
53 points

"I thought I heard something in the bailor"

Preview 90abda2e 38bb 41d2 8b19 e1692db77985
84 points

Almost a year ago I found this beauty and asked you guys what to name him. U told me to name him bones. so here is bones 9 months later

Preview badecef6 2c55 48fe 8a50 1ba4c6efc9ca
67 points

Where is autocorrect when you need it

Preview a7638b88 2951 491d af7a bb42d65abec3
23 points

Super fun happy slide to crippling depression

Preview 17e143b6 c2a4 4c3b a273 eaff2d24ea9c
88 points

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