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Super fun happy slide to crippling depression

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24 points

Elite doggo is ready to serve his country

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23 points

Sunflower Field near my house

Preview ca5862ad 291c 4ce7 8ee6 f572c0f67c4e
18 points

That pig.

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A tree leafed in cloud

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17 points

Coyote had a rough go of it

Preview 589d1d3a f0a2 4a3b aa29 6446e20ddf0e
14 points

Sweet, sweet irony

Preview 65a31b76 baa4 406d 98b9 d71c38593fa8
20 points

Japanese Farmhouse in the Rain

Preview 015ccd2c f695 4f21 9612 f8882b1a9dfb
22 points

Extra Protein

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14 points

Rescued this guy from a circus 5 months ago. He is almost 30 and he's going to live his last years of life peacefully.

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20 points

Happy doggo

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18 points

Piglets rescued from a barn fire.

Preview 7095e155 63b2 467b b74b d6f820eeedc6

Who says clouds don't grow on trees

Preview 4b950cc1 f794 45ad a79e 30fdef4feef3

I'm so glad my family dragged me out into the countryside!

Preview b99532d0 2674 47bf 895d 5a98201bae3c
3 points

A village in Nepal.

Preview 7566fcaf 7655 4560 abea cb30bfe06e48

My hometown in Albania.

Preview d3dcd36d 8c24 4f69 b293 7ef95c8df3e2
7 points

Insane clouds

Preview d14ba7e4 1710 43e8 a353 df06f52593d9
6 points


Preview a8f09b45 f027 456e 9dcc e42088bcec8f

Oh, the cow puns.

Preview 91bb49b1 6b57 4f50 8d02 9294b74c726a
3 points

Alternative "Got Milk?" Campaign

Preview 63c0d238 54fb 4b94 afbc 06b073e5f140
8 points

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