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Well that's an interesting request

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107 points

Aussie’s dogs ain’t vegans bois!

Preview be9761e7 2abb 4140 be52 c40fc084503d
100 points

I went to the zoo but the Rhino was tired.

Preview 9e67a27a 9dda 4cab 982d e2218db8b271
98 points

Ram battle in Waterton Canyon

Preview 4662e492 014f 4574 890f e78495b73bde

A little snack

Preview 6ece2b92 e7ee 4ad6 af1c 13434b4a878c
108 points

This leopard sneezing

Preview d2cbb6e7 26e3 4907 a689 4efe5eae3e22

Now you're thinking with portals

Preview 908584eb abbd 4c1c ae0a f056eb1a211c
54 points

This woman with the head of an Alpaca

Preview ebb79137 c81f 427d 93f7 fa4fe98caab2

Platybelodon, an ancestor of the elephant, looks like a deformed monstrosity from a horror movie

Preview 2d2e596c d709 4b18 9fb5 bce51793213e
86 points

Rare picture of a zebra taking off

Preview 14befba1 0801 4c51 a36b 332df20a566d
87 points

Whatcha got there?

Preview a698faba 3bb9 4246 b7a5 4c2a131ca6c8
85 points

Hakuna matata

Preview 2c477c55 d73f 4646 8f8a 0de494309e88
71 points

Young Melanie Griffith with her pet lion.

Preview 3b3784c5 be8b 4eec 91cb d8d76b461330
82 points

Met Bubbles the elephant a few summers ago. She really took a liking to my Dad<><>

Preview 6c9a5198 cf1d 4d69 88b5 f0ff18bfd576

Winnie-the-Pooh and Insanity Wolf too

Preview b4cf2896 059a 4cfb b0cf 90ad0466a90d
121 points

Who Wore It Better?

Preview a5203d2c 2c03 430d 9070 8a2207308095
77 points


Preview 00e3c689 2491 4e21 8818 52e9e55e6f59
187 points

Looks great

Preview 64f04de3 4320 4729 a0db 65947f619c73
93 points

The end is nigh...

Preview bc15c889 5add 4617 8740 a5c6d45d42ea
34 points

Lion Brutally Attacks One of it’s Own

Preview 26ca909c 0dc8 4cb4 bf35 953e06cea90b
109 points

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