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Thank god bears have fur otherwise we’ve have these walking around in the woods

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63 points

A giraffe mid sneeze.

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What's your mom yelling about?

Preview a349eb15 3289 408c 942c 6512d61f95aa
20 points

That moment...

Preview 32ab2547 32d6 40d1 88e4 2c2b78af45a6
18 points

That feeling 😄

Preview 355ee04d db82 4bc8 acf9 f6d04e9f5fde
14 points


Preview 369247f7 6f67 4962 8e2e 5ab6e2b48120
24 points

Zookeepers comfort depressed tiger mom with piglets in tiger-print cloth because of premature labour. Now she loves them all

Preview 99c07b9d 74be 4e7b b50c 1fae8d98ce17
18 points

Haters gonna hate

Preview 0c80a2a2 1e6a 492c 9537 251241f069cd
59 points

Serious inquires only

Preview f995ca88 b59f 429f a19a 3610fff10e71
24 points

The elusive and not often photographed leopard spider

Preview 4ff9605d 26fe 4bdb 8596 8c752f92e584
19 points

Karma wins again

Preview 84f2c1d4 f1dd 4657 8bf9 5e18507a8dae
21 points

Truth hurts.

Preview ae008179 1591 4051 a79f 6a59469c1875
20 points

The only time you say NO to food...

Preview eb0cd8dc a62c 4c20 bbf9 60bf09451d6c
21 points

Lion looking very pleased with himself

Preview b8c41357 e1bb 41b4 9355 5f3a8c5795b1

When your pals just give you shit...

Preview 9928777d f693 497b 803d 4e805e026659

What's your mom yelling about?

Preview a976b1f5 fe0f 45ac b7b1 edf89e9a0b1f
23 points


Preview efb42c32 c994 4da4 bc91 ad4525808595
53 points

Biggest Scare Prank Ever! 😱


Species doesn't matter, had sex

Preview 4516ac39 88f9 40e0 b82e d950587669ee
67 points

Just disappointed

Preview 9dff3419 1725 437e afbd 23f8d9269977
48 points

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