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Drive Thru Dentist

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106 points

Worst super hero ever

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120 points


Preview cdb73905 30dd 47d4 b9c2 0ba6f3c0d72f
92 points

Wutcha readin'?

Preview a44b05d3 102a 43fa b36f 303b7f490ba7
136 points

Employee Fridge at Safeway

Preview 9ffadc34 7d45 4677 9656 4b7108a57573
79 points

Shots fired by the local Barber shop.

Preview 46e95a90 3f00 4f15 816b 1a22c2dd810b
98 points

At my nephew's football game and this sign at the field cracked me up

Preview 4b7a948c 51b4 4b67 9166 9213011ddd8f
116 points

Chinese Restaurant

Preview c7d8e165 5a63 4eaa 991c e1455aed3223
113 points

Oh, just a full catheter bag at a gas station

Preview 3d379d6c 70ce 41ee bf23 dbdb404e9a77
88 points

Who reads this

Preview 388cdd67 48aa 4ac3 987b e9e16c2f8c39
86 points

To Catch a Santa - Guy duct tape and bricks over 20 flood lamps on his roof and on makeshift posts around his house.

Preview f20feb30 6b58 4cb5 919c ca682f52d9e9
81 points

Fetch me some money

Preview 40e511af 3b1f 4dac 985a d94a80d273d4

...And I've just hit a child trying to read your sign.

Preview 0f32e9cf 1291 4732 afa2 d9d2e5ce8321
76 points

New Zealand's Department of Conservation Hut. #OnlyInNewZealand

Preview 4755da44 1dbb 4125 8ef4 ed2d3555a0cc
99 points

Pilot life is the happy life

Preview 94b7c546 f616 4aab 9157 86c5f0766fe3
93 points

Not quite sure why he's so many people's favorite character.

Preview 27ec3635 cc08 44af bebf 859a01433555
180 points

A sign on a door in Amsterdam

Preview c0741f8e 0781 4d6b aa8d 10769d0cd726
122 points

Fixed IT! you forgot one

Preview 16f3f70b 4cc2 4a07 8c9b c41c1744b036
121 points

Wise man from a wise word

Preview 92d350af 688d 4de8 9d4c 24551b9e0369
110 points

I'm halfway there myself buddy

Preview df824ba0 7df7 47c3 8deb 92c1b76cf1c2
117 points

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