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Meanwhile, In Walmart...

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86 points

~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

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76 points

Fucking brilliant

Preview fa350aa1 096e 4ae2 88ba 62df402c4abe
83 points

The best Cl shoes here in China

Preview 7494857e 5628 4539 802f 0d4327a209e6

Power is power

Preview 1ce955db 18ca 49bd be8a b3517b3b93f7
49 points

Nah, I’m good....

Preview 341605fa 841a 49d5 a70f 45bdc99a6bf3
66 points

I wish I was as cool as this girl...

Preview 05b523df f29b 4657 91b4 98d322fbe37a
99 points

Turbo Sex Machine

Preview 6606e70a c3ee 450d a1cc d9d3f7cf8a24
137 points

It supposed to be a safety pin.

Preview c1bfec39 8cf8 42ba 8957 a13b551dea45
41 points

Do guys have different eyeballs size?

Preview f0dbe677 44aa 4774 8ec1 43cd2ca1430b
60 points

My mother showed me this on her Facebook feed

Preview c58fa09b d6a2 4948 ac76 f51c3f58e649
99 points

Rest easy kitty

Preview 2e77c3e9 46e2 411d a65c 8618affb119d
64 points

The most welcoming sign I've ever seen

Preview 50cac220 283e 47ac a5b2 2b5da761a3c8
125 points


Preview 69eff2a4 7ffb 4fb3 b2c8 9007a39ab99c
80 points

The burbs have never been the same...

Preview bdfbae0b a19a 44cb a2dc 902523a93ddd
46 points

Didn't think bout that one H&M.

Preview d7742a00 28cf 47c4 a42c f9b215604869
17 points

Prank Calling

23 points

These sausages I found in a German supermarket are produced by Volkswagen.

Preview ab4c8195 beb3 4b5d 895f 590bce9e4a18
63 points

The importance of choosing FONTS

Preview 725d2c05 17bf 4f5a bafd 3a5f7599ef54
21 points

What a bargain!

Preview 7cbad8e3 024a 407e bb37 34c537c34cec
24 points

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