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My office view today

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18 points

Caribbean Sea choked to death by plastic and styrofoam waste

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19 points

The car tires make the sand spin

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Halloween Costumes

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Found this on the beach with my sisters, whilst we were walking our two dogs.

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63 points

Where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, Africa

Preview af102e11 c651 4940 9dc2 fa53160863c7
22 points

"Little Iron Horse" Parksville, BC sandcastle competition

Preview ad8d531b 2b41 4338 8146 97a0dee1b83e
65 points

So cute, sadly anyone here can relate :(

Preview d7ac6410 a451 44f6 bebe d536b70a0e10
80 points

Seagull surfin

Preview c0135a1c cd3d 4979 ab2e d84b431397b0

Hello Please

Preview e6ef23a0 3308 47e0 9e42 18bcc74773c5

When the drugs kick in

Preview 0e7408ec bd36 4668 9535 f63d15e55d84

Lovely boulder

Preview 8e0c2117 7f3c 46bb 9cf3 8065aab270f0
17 points

what's this? starfish?

Preview d394c266 9446 4c28 9171 5ae9f1224c51
17 points

Typical Russians.

Preview af4a3a86 34c7 45bd 842e b4cfb869e7cc
18 points

This freshly groomed ski run

Preview f647497f 3601 42cc a661 ed5706ded637
18 points

caught on right time

Preview 518c1158 4fe8 4211 a91d b7346291d2d2

When germans go to the beach

Preview 0f0779cb d9be 4292 b1eb a5be0bead920
79 points

Am I too heavy for you?

Preview 78915a93 e829 49fd 97a7 e547abd1dc0d

He’s floating

Preview 20ea9096 3bbd 4312 a689 f8e77a40344c
23 points

I luv u vape

Preview 70368227 b75d 4b91 88b4 8e2f6bf4a7ad
17 points

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