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Perfectly timed crashing wave

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Mold that grew on my glasses frames over the past year, my frames are thick and the same color so it was really hard to see

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8 points

Life saving done right

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14 points

Perfect Desert Waves

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7 points

The wolf inside.

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6 points

ISS photobombed the solar eclipse.

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12 points

The perfect sliver in this rock

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14 points

Germans be like

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Chilling on Pyramids

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Not too shabby

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15 points

I found this dead dolphin washed up on a beach in The Netherlands

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23 points

My kids and their friends built this sandcastle today

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People in Brazil just saved this stranded whale, after 24 hours on the sand!

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20 points

Poop tail

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This leaf looks like a tree losing its leaves

Preview 270fe7b6 4170 4b40 9ac4 7ff9c093f0c5
20 points

Childish Gambino!!

Preview 30080c3a e697 4f53 92e9 dafa5755fb61

International Space Station #Eclipse photobomb via @NASA

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15 points

An extreme camo ghillie suit

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11 points

Playing Sand In Sahara Dessert Is So Soothing And Will Leave You Amazed!

197 points

An achievement to be in one of nature's finest creations. (rainbow mountain,Peru)

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