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The part you do not see

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283 points

Epic bedroom - The Razor House in La Jolla, California

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54 points

Just Peachy

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236 points


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161 points

Silly seals

Preview 76a2242d b3de 4a4a a14c c522d82bf86a
163 points

Told my dad to grab the sunscreen before we hit the beach. Sit down and he hands me this...

Preview 1ca94c01 913b 44ce 8569 f3783527bc85
176 points

YO YO ....What's up..ha

Preview 03ed56c7 1237 476e abb0 846f7e643792
115 points

Those damn looters

Preview aec723e3 568f 4a22 ae9d 4ee1dd9bc6fa
111 points

So true!

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113 points

Caption this:

Preview 5a14e93a b02b 4b36 aea9 6c40e52e3ce1
116 points

My dad just after being on a skim board for 1 second after proclaiming “I’d bet twenty dollars I can stay on the board for, like, a minuet!”

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Engagement session in Yosemite 7000ft/2133m above ground

Preview 23e22e0e 5956 48ef 9358 bce26d20b745

Get him a bed they said..

Preview c70c93aa eff6 40d5 826d 9683dde5ba05
77 points

A sign I can believe.

Preview 7a3a3ce7 56f7 4489 b65e c461410bbcf2
63 points

Me feeding this squirrel some bread

Preview dfc6060f b668 4fdc ace9 adf41690d01e

Oh man, I saw we were doing X-rays, here’s mine

Preview 7271f864 d3cc 4eae a5e4 ca8caa56eb33
94 points

Never turn your back to the ocean

Preview be031fac c97f 415f a9cd 2e94072225a0
110 points

Don't feed the birds

Preview 530e784b b8ff 4513 8c59 09e369ea7f08
102 points

Found a bug in my ear last night after cleaning with a water pik

Preview 50d67bfd 282a 459b 86d4 f5ffbcc4cbe1
93 points

Cool, you usually pose in front of dead animals or...

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