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Perfectly-timed photo of a flock of sparrows aligning just right to take the shape of a giant bird

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A radical concept.. Bali 2017

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73 points

First color image of Mars

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74 points


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39 points

Bus crash in Utah

Preview ba98a2b7 1565 4a43 9d05 63dcc7dc89dc
20 points

A friend got engaged and it looks like she’s wearing a hat

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Surf's up!

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The most Australian out of service tag

Preview c8788049 a6b4 40ef 93f5 aeba9172a54d
37 points

How to build a pyramid

Preview b81df226 4b2b 4790 b183 68ff9b53de47
22 points

This mom kicked the dog as she jumped

Preview c8d9db41 23ae 4460 a0c4 a89c9c4a928c

Someone threw a rat tied to a string across our compound wall.

Preview 4c7ebd77 109f 40ab adc7 92ae0e3d5254
41 points

A thousandth of a second

Preview 6971c0c4 b400 45c4 ab2d d341c553b6bd
65 points

Anyone missing their dreads? I found them in Utah...

Preview 1aa7a1f9 0d99 4c03 8010 8e006574d54c
22 points

My gf and I trying to take pictures at the beach

Preview c893429f c692 4c33 8ea1 9c19f0f112d4

Waves over a man.

Preview eb3dc7b9 79c3 41a7 a8fa ced8b479cc8d

Katy Perry, you doing okay?

Preview e5080b78 133f 4fc3 9c04 7689aabdd5b6
61 points

I'd never try this.

Preview 4963c910 7955 437f ad34 cf6cdf60a4cf

Quicksand death trap

Preview 4255825a c6d9 4255 87fc 46cd2ac3fabc
53 points

Caught a nice sunrise over Loch Ba. Rannoch Moor, Scotland

Preview d91d1e66 c557 436f 8e78 3362cfd3496e
12 points

Mars Rover = $800 Million; Team to Operate = $1 Billion; Drawing a Dong on The Surface of Another Planet = Priceless.

Preview fc1047e8 d13d 4d2e a927 2c85328b76dd
89 points

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