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YO YO ....What's up..ha

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Those damn looters

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So true!

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Caption this:

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My dad just after being on a skim board for 1 second after proclaiming “I’d bet twenty dollars I can stay on the board for, like, a minuet!”

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Engagement session in Yosemite 7000ft/2133m above ground

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Get him a bed they said..

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A sign I can believe.

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Me feeding this squirrel some bread

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Oh man, I saw we were doing X-rays, here’s mine

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Never turn your back to the ocean

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Don't feed the birds

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Found a bug in my ear last night after cleaning with a water pik

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Cool, you usually pose in front of dead animals or...

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Defying Gravity

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Found at the Salt River Pass Wyoming, Elevation 7630. Found as is.

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She didn’t love it when her new hermit crab friend decided to stretch his legs

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My trip to the edge of the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Once in a lifetime event.

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75 points

Sometimes nobody wins

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90 points

Isn't nature beautiful?

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