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My wife dared me to go out in the snow in nothing but my boots....

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77 points

Who knew that yoga could be terrifying?

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This Crab with a lobster tail washed up on my local beach today

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85 points

Rare photo of two massive pigeons looking for their car

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100 points

Nappers gonna Nap

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Snapped just before she broke the water, thought it was cool

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Perfectly timed fall in the ocean.

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Viva la resitance

Preview aa58e354 a468 4ba8 8e71 a834eb20fdf7
62 points

little cute dragon

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72 points

Something’s making all these fish die in Pymatuning lake.

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46 points

Come at me bro

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Doggo reenacts the Tortuga scene from Breaking Bad

Preview 89a8a624 1487 4d3a bd36 8d9351f52b89

My coworker went to the beach with her nephew

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My friend’s sister and her baby taking a selfie on the beach.

Preview 266f5c2a b1d1 4ca7 b4e7 fd758171bd41

Bug in matrix

Preview 3dd0e0fb 4f02 4c3a 9db4 26eab6452586
53 points

does this count? this is said rat my murder-boi tried to bring in my bed the other morning... no banana for scale, just a penny.

Preview cf980d5f dcd2 412a bb46 cf43fd066217

When life graphics are still loading

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66 points

Michigan potholes are out of control

Preview b0556f6d f2d9 4fd7 be0a 98ec0a3b8bea
78 points


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Just scrambling up some rocks to walk across a line.

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