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Playing Sand In Sahara Dessert Is So Soothing And Will Leave You Amazed!

6 points

3D art created by using sand in New Zealand

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8 points

The blue waters of Joffre Lake, British Columbia

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7 points

Some dreams are just not meant to be fulfilled

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15 points

I have been waiting for this day all my life.

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107 points

Not just the men

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10 points


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9 points

Jesus incognito on holidays

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10 points

My dog taking in the beauty of Lake Michigan.

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14 points

These jokes are a real pain in the ass

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13 points

He's the choosen one!!!

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14 points

Rusty - my beautiful dog, at the beach on Phillip island. He is such a great dog. Taken yesterday at sunset at Ventnor. Enjoy

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89 points

Two girls bursting a water balloon on the beach

Preview c1b3d9ec abf6 4e27 a402 b1d08ba50942
145 points

Jesus m'lord. :o

Preview 11152659 8ce8 414e a665 03868bf24ba7
12 points

Found in San Diego

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11 points

Magic carpet

Preview d89ccf62 7f43 4393 ad7a b037354a43d1

Cayo Santa Maria beach, Cuba

Preview b31a6422 cc8b 4c7a a3af cf55e52d6fee
10 points

It's almost an alien world.

Preview f83d0e22 13fb 4782 b9be e4fa97899ab9
12 points

Spür'n Sie's Mr. Krabs?

Preview 5fc46920 fad1 4918 be34 bf612e61a051
11 points

Toes at the beach

Preview 6f3dd384 b7b8 4fee b868 23639194da21
88 points

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