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Mailing a hatchet

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49 points

I am uncomfortable

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22 points

Sex education is real.

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The US has more than 20 trillion $ of debt

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Now he can see

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24 points

Math may not seem very important to some, but in my school, it's some serious shit!

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23 points

I like to surprise my roommate...

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23 points

My mate found this in an elevator on a construction site

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69 points

two dads

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SUg hul

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21 points

Egg decorating got a little out of hand.

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4 points

Romaniaaaaa, f**k yeah

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7 points


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US Navy grandfather left us a sack of coins from his travels. He was in the Navy during WW2 and served for 30 plus years.

Preview 358ceb20 6900 4f8d a13b 133e45aaa6a8
23 points

In turkish money (TL) , Atatürk turns his face towards to you when you have more money :D

Preview 38ab4803 f2df 4e5e b0c6 dbfca6e36efc
20 points

Damn you pearl

Preview 8c3c90c6 1db5 4711 a650 28b6a06e9bba
21 points

The time has come

Preview f0771b9c 43db 44b7 8b6f bb1c6fd2b188
8 points

Straight to hell

Preview 0d25a99b 5995 4acb 875b b3f47f6bb1c5
6 points

To the guy with the 351 year old coin. Here are my coins from the chocolate age.

Preview 78176b88 031b 4ebc 96c3 24a2e6d75e05
88 points

The correct way to request nudes

Preview bc7a42e6 8daf 4b2b b413 38d036b74024
197 points

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