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Ultimate warrior

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93 points

When Facebook says it protects our privacy

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115 points

The more you know

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72 points

Joined by the eye

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53 points

Science-backed, cold hard facts

Preview d483b11b 134e 4466 86f2 14e508d23c58
73 points

Chemeleons will hold onto anything you give them.

Preview 4140dd57 ac2b 4f31 ad7a 6bc71ce6c466
78 points

Yes,I am that desperate

Preview 1f8b9b80 6f15 434f abc3 7087a7336905
56 points

Never give up

Preview 2b2438fd 7f0c 44a7 a10e d0b6c3a97496
49 points

The men's toilet at the filling station in Johannesburg

Preview cfbf6d24 c783 4cae 85b1 399e60c2917a
187 points

Sea turtle with two heads

Preview f28e79b6 d167 4830 8b56 baa1d481f6af
47 points

Feel bad for laughing? I don't

Preview 1245d03d a659 4548 8da2 8f884d352a74
19 points

God dammit, not again :|

Preview d7511b39 3477 4075 944c 82c6e80af53e

And yes my hubby does this too.

Preview 75e060bd c2fb 4580 a1fd cde480dabc00
185 points

Parants and wifi

Preview 8d75a3f3 d52f 4505 99d4 a02669094b62
63 points

Pleasantly surprised, but mildly infuriated.

Preview c3b2abef f26e 4e8e 8103 6c66b1d2fe9d
75 points

A policeman stops traffic to allow a mother cat to carry her kittens across Centre Street, New York (1925)

Preview 886430cb 732b 496e b641 134991301534
119 points

Today's generation doesn't know about the original fidget spinner!

Preview b237f923 0167 4761 8866 dd6719bd6891
60 points

Who agrees

Preview 534a3985 440f 402d ba58 f158385e3f28
105 points


Preview a6b835e7 94d8 4edd a40d 75d8febb5f48
73 points

I'm sure its just a fluke

Preview 8d05e5cd 6f34 421f af3a 83c3b8ff232b
14 points

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