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First date locations pros and cons

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Stay safe out there, friends.

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24 points

Foreign audience

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No r*pe jokes

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This guy learned chinese in just 5 mins. click here to learn how!!!!

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Entry denied

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11 points

Well. That escalated quickly.

Preview 13ea4272 b0cb 45fa a444 4efb87ed4624
15 points

What a gentleman

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Learn Chinese in five minutes

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Hollywood's favourite and least favourite

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Mind. Blown.

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Why isn't Finland first with 5 meters????

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Please note this

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I lol'd

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18 points

As Lord Kickass Sr. I can confirm this list

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So you can tell her to send nudes in code

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141 points

This chart in a catholic school newsletter.

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Top visited Porn sites & how much money they make

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