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Uhmmmmmmm slav much?

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11 points

The sun seen through UV lens!

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6 points

13yr Old With Scoliosis

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14 points

CT scan of an unrestrained passenger's skull after a road traffic accident.

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16 points

Wtf fact of the day

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13 points

Sounds good

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9 points

Your pal the CIA

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15 points

Oh, Uranus...the butt of so many jokes.

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13 points

A gorilla skeleton compared to a humans.

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12 points

I can't even draw a stick-figure...

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13 points

girl chokes on fidget spinner

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74 points

13 Reasons Why I hate school

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15 points

The Sun seen through UV lens

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10 points

Final Destination for this Zebra


It hurts

Preview 8d4b55c8 3b27 475d ad56 7f68bccae5d2
68 points

24 Awesome fact about our Universe part 2..

Preview 9317ef21 b450 4a21 8151 9fe797ca41db
61 points

The Sun through an ultraviolet lens!

Preview 5bd26070 f60f 4e98 81c4 cd60756cdc47
12 points

I love Buzz. Always

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8 points

24 Awesome fact about our Universe part 2..

Preview e6047537 9ca2 4ec9 a318 0c226abb6ea9
84 points

If cows are holy animals in india. is cow poop holy shit?

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10 points

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