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Gliese 667Cc, one of the nearest and most Earth-like exoplanets.

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16 points

Everything changed when the Vegan Nation attacked.

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22 points

The size of hurricane Irma!

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20 points

Turn that frown upside down

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19 points

This guy is in 3017 while we're still in 2017

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97 points

Kill dumb mot*******rs

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21 points

My thought for the day

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22 points

A child's skull before losing baby teeth

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57 points

Cant compare it to other stuff

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23 points

Man in a specially built gimpsuit fights a clown with poorly applied facepaint

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18 points

In space, no one can hear you scream.

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14 points

It's actually true

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87 points

Should had save that receipt

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96 points

Look at those ankles!!

Preview f53c5db7 b64e 4707 97f3 ffcbe7c5313b
20 points

Watching the crowd

Preview a6dcc2ea bb87 4e0a b41b a323cbc83ff9
17 points

Show sex

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18 points

What Happens When You Shoot A See Through Suppressor In Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps)

116 points

Let me see some gif's

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22 points

100-million-year-old ant trapped in Burmese amber had enormous fangs and a metal-reinforced horn for impaling prey

Preview 2508e28a 4e91 4ea6 b4ca af710f1cb950
68 points

This absolute legit post about parents

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