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81 points

Do it yourself at Walmart

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92 points

This gas station sign really gets me.

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74 points

Grandma didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose her.

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73 points

Apocalyptic piggeons

Preview dc4bf6d0 8ef7 40ff bd7e 3f409f57535f

A very dark Gothenburg kitchen lit up by angled dormer windows | Sweden

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69 points

“Stop here if you can”

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72 points

Mmmm....long pig.

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74 points

Teen Jeopardy

Preview 7b8b77b1 5c60 4bf0 a8ba df2ee7f4abc4
20 points

In my hometown of Klamath falls Oregon

Preview a239185e 7cd8 4480 91c6 4f6de1970f19
17 points

Oh man

Preview 60a2975c e582 4f43 92c2 c54c2f32fdb5
22 points

Please help new deal with depression

Preview 83bac62a 44ea 4b2e 8442 2c17c7aba15e
20 points

Sounds about right.

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21 points

Can't argue with that logic. (not mine)

Preview 1754a3fa 6b53 4c22 9623 b89d1b21730d
38 points

You Wookie sack of sh*t

Preview 1b825086 299f 4330 be77 3d82c189941f
21 points

I will just go around those blinking things

Preview 1edc0e76 a8e3 4088 aca4 617f68c792f7
88 points

Ann. The hero we need.

Preview e8f3f170 5836 4be5 a7f6 40c009c3790d
84 points

Moody bar combines design elements from several eras in The Arts Club in Mayfair, London.

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43 points


Preview f2853e1d c50b 45b5 810b 3ab350516792

This treadmill was giving me some good advice while working out today

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65 points

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