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This sign at the garden.

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76 points

Thanks tesco

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62 points

My local theater always has clever marquees

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78 points

Hell would be an interesting place...

Preview 58d9ef89 92a8 4bd2 844d 0e9e1bfc160f
75 points

Spring is here

Preview 7cf41185 5f93 4e41 8a45 a275ce89e07a
110 points

Perhaps, maybe an apple next time?

Preview d06c8878 4a89 4a92 b7e9 a86d9d00870a
90 points

Weather forecast today sounds all too familiar :(

Preview a13c3e40 2bda 4def 8125 fd78a6fc8efd
79 points

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue....

Preview a412acca 7fd5 4efd a285 8a697b850e1f
72 points

Crane grabbed the Moon

Preview f4dc3f44 2eed 43bb 8cb2 c960c71b942e

Perfect timing for the photo, not so perfect for the couple

Preview 888087ca ec9e 434f 9afd f82893ebc112

Broken Hart

Preview 03743e6c f3ad 4bee 9e3f 680f6b591aab
108 points


Preview 5b41d7b0 a609 4816 8a57 7527bca1eb3e
113 points

Do it yourself at Walmart

Preview 02d14e08 eaf6 4eed 87ab 04cfeb99967a
108 points

This gas station sign really gets me.

Preview f54b6ec2 ee90 40a0 9878 80c5eceb4761
79 points

Grandma didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose her.

Preview facb6d2a 6a26 4898 98cb eceac90d7905
80 points

Apocalyptic piggeons

Preview dc4bf6d0 8ef7 40ff bd7e 3f409f57535f

A very dark Gothenburg kitchen lit up by angled dormer windows | Sweden

Preview cc631d3c 0ed0 4c83 9ed2 48c7d0f71283
86 points

“Stop here if you can”

Preview ef9cd6d2 b478 4fd8 84b8 e269b66727f7
77 points

Mmmm....long pig.

Preview b0cbc3cc 2c99 43dd a832 45d3d9e8d917
80 points

Teen Jeopardy

Preview 7b8b77b1 5c60 4bf0 a8ba df2ee7f4abc4
87 points

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