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FINALLY, a country that cares about light pollution!

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18 points

That must really throb

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18 points

Even Lithuania and Portugal in Crossover

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When you think you took a selfie but found a cinematic movie set instead

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No matter how often I put her down, she immediately gets right back in front of the TV.

Preview 70afc236 f212 417d 9865 124832255080

When did Sauron leave Middle Earth ?

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8 points

A coworker left this little bird in their grill for three days before cleaning it out.

Preview 32e04cc6 155f 4057 a1c7 38bf5f3e6b2d
20 points

Let's get salty

Preview 1d4e5cfc 4702 4817 8f83 d6abaf1acf84

This self aware chocolate bar...

Preview 1e85d9d1 835c 4555 8b32 fd4986e0e911
15 points

Dragon River

Preview 91f9ce0e c432 43cb ac34 af59e3a6bc4a
13 points

It's raining !

Preview 58e649e8 3068 4a68 943d 13b877f8a1dc

That's okay. I don't really need to be able to see to play this game.

Preview 6cd4a962 261c 426f a03c ca30b74deca2

Four windows in Unryu-in Temple

Preview fda6579b 3157 4ba5 b08c 2591e8310804
24 points

Snow tossed at me in a heart shape.

Preview 05009129 c9d6 4c43 9d67 d9b1c7f193f1

Bird rests on score board or does it?

Preview 3e591b71 ac79 40ba 96be 8216f1ea6f28

My friend’s subaru spotaneously combusted

Preview cfed0b64 323e 4146 9381 3b6966d8a9f2
21 points

Panda diplomacy

Preview 29e49876 2191 44b1 adc7 4e3811284182
23 points

Does this upvote make me lucky or unlucky?

Preview fdb7f12d 5f01 49e3 ab08 b01bdc4db048

The first android was released today 9 years ago

Preview 2e137ab6 ef05 4dbe aae0 8746dc05940a
17 points

Flipping through the channels when suddenly...

Preview 80472388 f4dc 4efa 94b4 2859b03cd4b2
17 points

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