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Requested a photo of James Earl Jones for my hotel room. 5 star customer service

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113 points

He’s stuck between the window and the bars.

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Japanese Interior Design Wabi Sabi

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67 points

So fuckin true

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68 points

I'm guessing he tells people "My Volvo is built like a tank..."

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97 points

I think I found Sid from Toy Story's car.

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70 points

San Antonio dining and living room, 1955

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48 points

Coworker isn’t at work today. So we keep on playing/pausing/skipping his tracks

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115 points

Wasting YouTube’s time

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65 points


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74 points

you the future

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124 points

Been in that rabbit costume a couple times

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114 points

Its pissing rain in Colorado today

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92 points

Something seems familiar about this

Preview 1be411d9 662f 4c39 b452 35fe123f891e
120 points

Spotted at the bus stop. I have questions...

Preview dbda3f0a 8504 4117 ad46 c671a14f38e5
85 points

Green vehicle parking only...

Preview f8146575 f2e1 4db8 af17 ba2562b8627c
82 points

Your porn is safe from now on.

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109 points

Vandalizing an iStore

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76 points

Disney knows wats up

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88 points


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