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Oh Lord.

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I was bored during class and painted along with Bob Ross using MS paint.

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2 points

My cousin asked if I can take him to a doctor for a consultation. Waiting at the lobby and noticed this.....um what?

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When you stop giving kitty attention for a minute.

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81 points

Today in my computer lab. I didn't expect

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115 points

Rate my Setup!

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95 points

Rate my setup

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79 points

Bless this guy

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150 points

The original 90s selfie

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129 points

Oo yes...

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75 points

Pc master race, not even once!!!

Preview 2569c05f 67ea 4786 bc0a 911607d70342
136 points

Join the VHS master race!

Preview 92c675be 1722 48d5 9b7f 01f91f8dfef1
175 points

Test :)

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141 points

How To Play "Doom" On A Monochrome Graphing Calculator!

341 points

Guess the country

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68 points

This phone feels my feels

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68 points

So, I decided to watch movie in cinema today

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70 points

Razer triple monitor gaming notebook

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