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This car filled to the brim with trash, with a barely accessible driver's seat.

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63 points

Paradise by the laptop light.. Blackfly season in Downeast Maine

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91 points

Paradise by the Laptop Light..

Preview e13bd157 30ef 4581 bf75 deab2224c816
22 points

Spaceman in his Tesla, looking away.

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2 Minutes Left in the Game

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What an interesting presentation!

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95 points

Caught this today

Preview 7d0f65c0 25d5 40a9 a434 4062e5272053

The krusty krab pizza

Preview 2fd193e8 4d90 4b0d bc58 9f749d5f08f2
85 points

We live in Alaska. It was negative 6 degrees outside...

Preview db64c779 b276 44eb ac6d d8cafe236b6a
76 points

What? Surely, you'd rather watch me.

Preview e8b0957a 0a0b 4894 8df3 466631b4419e

Beautiful moment

Preview 68f6becb e5b2 4c8e 88bd 0605cd0f34cc
101 points

Cat5 Hurricane

Preview b5ffc992 5c2c 4cce 9636 65e3537e26eb
114 points

My speed camera photo

Preview 6259b325 6d92 44c9 a45e 3e8c07df24fc

School is taking submissions on a name change.

Preview b4a390b9 ea66 4b97 bf99 1ad65dce7e6b
90 points

So, Two pigeons walk into a bar...

Preview d03e691f e37a 498b 9897 b39a183932ad
73 points

EA customer service

Preview 90e28e06 5889 4c32 9d81 842eb2e8e6ea
76 points

i quit youtube


Her new favorite place to rest

Preview a7839699 508b 4717 88dc 999af31d2a7d


Preview 1c223766 d921 45e0 9aac 45a344a67c2f
50 points

Trolling the system

Preview 15c73702 d4d1 4b16 9a0e 9dc375adb18d
77 points

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