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Spotted at the bus stop. I have questions...

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75 points

Green vehicle parking only...

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72 points

Your porn is safe from now on.

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87 points

Vandalizing an iStore

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70 points

Disney knows wats up

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83 points


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That is my worst dream

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82 points

Got me for a second

Preview 3b971771 42c9 440e b27e 1ffd1d559b79
87 points

Walking around Yangshuo, China, was a bit surprised to see the name for this brand of sunglasses...

Preview 142bed00 1a30 4fef ac2e 91e9f6206ec4
77 points

Guest House in Kyoto / B.L.U.E. Architecture Design Studio, 2017

Preview ad9c0b7f 3022 47ad 90e9 81cb8670f0da
71 points

"Oh, shit"

Preview fe8ac1e4 203d 4447 90c1 23e1ffd76271

Sorry, today's Google Doodle, all I see is Space Hitler

Preview 5dc4641e ddcc 4052 bc1d ef713cc28512
66 points

I noticed there were a lot of apps with lettered logos so... Speaks for itself.

Preview cd08da4e acf8 4f96 a966 724e8812f13c
55 points

This car parked next to me.

Preview d558050d 10dd 4d0b b3ac a32ac7866c87
96 points

Why, Though??

Preview 88043f7a a793 4f31 bb38 113cf112436a
84 points

Home tab at it again...

Preview 923aad85 493c 4e23 961e 4deb79fc3ff2

"We need to show we're sponsored by FedEx." "No prob. I'll grab something off the Internet." -- Seen at the Millennium Hilton, Bangkok

Preview 8165a7fa 662d 494c a7fd a7dd37e33fd4
103 points

Hamster and sickle

Preview acf68355 4507 4c50 bfd5 1cbd67e9daeb
81 points

When American Eagle ruins picture day

Preview afb5499b 9124 438c aef4 a7fd6234a689
47 points

10 out of 10

Preview 6fc1fb11 a26a 48de 9e27 1ff5f52dbca4
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